Kabrel’s Destiny (Part One)

By Patrick Bwira Baeni


In the late 1980s, there was a beautiful young woman called Malaika who was living in a certain village with her family. The girl was so beautiful that the majority of young men in her area were afraid of getting in touch with her and flirting with her. They imagined that she should be in a relationship with a very high-placed person in their area. So, no one could approach her, love her, or make a marriage proposal to her.

Once upon a time, when Malaika was 16 years old, just as she was finishing her studies and thinking about settling down, she got very sick and was brought to the hospital for specific treatments and a further medical checkup. Afterwards, the doctor said, “Malaika, I have to tell you the truth about the disease you are suffering from. Medical checks revealed that you are suffering from a disease that cannot allow you to give birth. Therefore, if you need to live longer, you have to make sure not to get pregnant, or you die.” Then, she was given some medicines so that they might help her ease her pains. After her treatment, she was allowed to come back home for more rest.

Malaika went back home and gave that bad news to her parents and relatives and continued taking the medicines she was given from the hospital. When she was thinking back to the words of the doctor, in her innermost, she made up her mind, saying, “I, Malaika, cannot accept leaving this world without having a kid. Therefore, no matter what the doctor told me, I have to make sure that I have one, even if it means losing my own life. I must give birth to a child that will work for God for his life and spread the gospel all over the planet”.

That was the decision taken by Malaika, even if she had no way to have a child because she was not married yet and, furthermore, she had no male relationship. She kept on thinking about that issue of having a baby and dying afterwards; this would be very bad for the coming child, who would be living an orphan life. Nevertheless, she understood dying as inevitable. “Even if I don’t give birth, I will still die,” she said to herself. “I prefer dying after having someone who will make my generation last forever instead of dying without leaving any child in this world.” Yet it was a hard decision for her to make.

As her health was getting better, she got in touch with a handsome boy named Paul. They started chatting. The guy couldn’t hide his emotions, so he decided to tell Malaika that he loved her too much. Surprisingly, Malaika said that she was going to think about the proposal and promised to come with feedback on their next rendezvous, while she was also fond of the guy even before the proposal.

Malaika went back home and started thinking about her innermost wish to have a baby. She made a connection with the guy she met and started wondering if Paul would be the one with whom she was going to make her dreams come true. Then she decided to accept the proposal when they met for their next rendezvous because “I don’t have time to lose,” she said. She knew that this would be a little bit challenging because if she gets married right away, she will not have enough time to realize the idea of opening a bank account for the coming baby. Still, she decided to agree with Paul’s proposal.

The day for their next rendezvous came; they had to meet at a paradisiac hotel in their area. When they met, they started talking about the time they had spent without seeing each other. A little after, Paul came back to his point and asked Malaika what the result of her thoughts about the proposal was.

“I need to tell you that the answer is yes to your proposal,” said Malaika. Since Paul was waiting for a negative answer from Malaika, he could not help standing up and hugging her tightly, pronouncing words of gratitude in her ears. The hug lasted for five minutes while Paul whispered romantic words to Malaika. After that, they bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate the start of their romantic journey. Their love was born that day, and it was growing day after day.

Unfortunately, before they got married, Malaika was already pregnant from Paul, her beloved and handsome boy. When her relatives realized that she was pregnant, they started whispering, saying that Malaika had forgotten about what the doctor told her and that she was pregnant, and meaning that she wanted to leave the charge of her child to us because she would surely die with this pregnancy. On the ninth month, she passed away when she was giving birth to the baby boy. By God’s mercy, the baby didn’t die. The destiny made it possible that the older sister of Malaika also had a baby during the same period. Then the family decided that the older sister of Malaika should take care of the baby, so that Malaika’s baby may be breastfed with her own baby, saving the baby’s life.

Malaika’s older sister did that job and took very good care of the baby that she named Kabrel. Those two babies grew together so well that no one could know that Kabrel was not part of that family. Kabrel also did not know that that family adopted him. They lived peacefully with that family.

16 August, 2023