Late Arrival at the Beauty Salon

By Willy Mufungizi Akonkwa

Willy would have long pitched up if not hindered by significant distractions and obstacles early every morning before 8 bells, which was the hour at which Willy Health and Beauty Centre officially opened its doors to the general public. As per usual, Lisa and her coworkers arrived at half past seven to start the opening preparations, which included cleaning, setting up furniture, and setting up equipment to make sure everything was in order before customers arrived. Before opening the doors to Willy’s Health and Beauty Centre, the ladies always made sure that the entire facility was immaculately clean. On this day, the clock had chimed the set opening time without the presence of the man who held the salon’s keys. The ladies were waiting on the veranda for Willy to arrive and were astounded to see their always-on-time boss fly in an hour past the scheduled start time. Willy’s presence was always announced by the loud raving of the constantly mistreated beast, which had become his arrival and departure password. The beast eventually moaned and stumbled onto its parking spot.

“Morning everybody, sorry for the inconvenience caused, I had mechanical problems with my vehicle,” he explained to the onlooking staff.

“No problem, Willy,” responded Lisa, who had a knack for speaking on behalf of the other girls at loose will.

Willy was busy persuading the three clients who had come for services to bear with them as they rapidly put their ducks in a row while the girls ran inside to make up for the lost time. Willy’s typical professional demeanor had taken a hit from the previous tumultuous night. He had a reputation for having strong, well-honed business idiosyncrasies, but they were undermined by his crazy hunger for the things that God put between women’s legs. Womanizing. This was a breach in his otherwise spotless fabric, but it was nonetheless adhered to.

The salon had opened late on that particular day due to such gallivanting. He had several one-night stands over the years, but he always made it to the salon on time. However, that particular day, what happened with Lady Lydia was a deciding factor. Those ferocious screams were the product of Willy’s hunger for a remarkable body and intense passion. We will learn as we follow their turbulent, private experience whether it was passion or love that prevailed at Veranda resort, a salon where people meet to love or pretend to love. Their intimacy had to fulfill its purpose, or at the very least give its utmost effort. Possibly following that fantastic encounter, it will only be a question of time until the much-needed baby arrives. But despite this, work had to come first on the list of priorities because it funded these adventures. Willy had always been a family-oriented man. He had grown up with many siblings, and he loved nothing more than spending time with his own children. However, Willy had never been married, and he had never found the right woman to settle down with. That was until he met Lydia. One evening, as they were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie, Willy turned to Lydia and said, “Lydia, I have something important to ask you. I want to have a baby with you.” The next day, as they were walking into the salon, Lydia turned to Willy and said, “I’ve been thinking about what you said, and I want to have a baby with you too.”Willy’s face lit up with joy, and he hugged Lydia tightly. They both knew that starting a family would be a big responsibility, but they were ready to take on the challenge together.

All of that was, however, history by this point, and it was time to adjust the salon’s decor and, potentially, make another one-night catch, which had been Willy’s custom. It was back to business as normal in no time. His peculiar position on that particular day astounded Lisa and everyone else. He wasn’t really interacting with anyone but was grinning to himself. That particular day, there was something about his attitude that suggested a whole unique world. Anyhow, many people are prone to mood changes, and he didn’t represent an angelic outlier.

If Lydia’s scream or screech was any indication from the other side of the salon”veranda”, she was still recovering from the feeling of enjoyment with Willy, relaxation. She was also happy with physical satisfaction from Willy. Lydia works in the barbershop with Willy. The adorable baby hunter was thinking back on the fun and unnecessary night that had just passed. She had never in her life faced a bedroom creepy crawler with such a passionate nostalgia for closeness. Yes, it had never occurred to her since she had lost her virginity that a man would smash it left, right, and center all night long without showing any sign of stopping.

Perhaps this was the illusive answer to her lifelong desire for a child of her own. She couldn’t help but wonder if the baby-making charms her husband had purchased from Somalia were real. Prior to encountering the ravaging dreadlocked beast, she had better communication with her absent spouse for a week. Beyond that brief period of reflection, the likelihood that she would become pregnant was what counted. She had already had enough negative feedback from judgmental and stereotyping family members, friends, and onlookers. She had long wished there was a way to escape this stigmatizing chain. She had made a vow to have a child by all means necessary or perish trying. She did not have the phrase ”give up” in her lexicon of reproduction. Groaning in bed all night without getting anything out of her endurance was a horrible experience. In any event, fertility was a gift from providence rather than a predetermined individual right. Destiny and the divine.

21 February, 2023