Let freedom ring

By Jeanne Muhimundu
Jeanne Muhimundu's stories

Hope is rising, the rope’s edges are unraveling.
Let freedom ring, flatter, let it break the way to emancipation.
Let justice jostle from injustice, let it rain from the sky and bring our liberation

Generation and generation, centuries, and decades—the chain of violence hangs heavily on our necks, those things that shock us! Those things that suffocate us!
This turbulence, this vicious vehemence encircles us as if we are born from it, as if to uproot this ferocity means taking revenge against the gatekeepers

No, we should never bow to this brutality! We must shine brightly beyond the wall of ignorance instead, for here is the age of knowledge, the knowledge that empowers us, and frees us from savagery—a power we must put in the hand of our kind.
We owe no right to send generations of us into ceaseless circles of vicious violence.

We ought to torch the dull corners of the earth,
to straighten the crooked ethos that has flared unfairness on the planet for a long time. Freedom must shatter the tidal wave at the depths below our bloodlines,
Freedom must shun the words that wound, for all must be fine

The thunderstorm that creates tidal waves in the sea and ocean should set forth at anchors.
The loop of doom and injustice has to break apart at all corners.
All actors must act,
and level the past so the present can shine, brighten the future so freedom can ring, and let justice jostle!
What would life look like if all are given the choice to aspire and strive? What would life look like if all can choose their desires? What would life look like if all were accorded respect and undivided dignity?

23 February, 2023