By Doreen Nzeyimana

How many lies have you told yourself?


I just want you to be sincere for once


Just imagine you are in a room alone


No one is listening to you 


Nor seeing you


You are all by yourself


A moment with your inner self


When your blood runs stale


And your veins protrude from your skin


That’s the moment you realize that everything seems to be a scam


Because the life you envisioned when you were a kid 


Were just hallucinations


And you were not under any drug influence


You realize that the more you age the more uncomfortable you become


When I was young, I wanted to get old


But now as I am getting old, I desire to be young again


Because my adulthood seems like a mystery


And the desire feels like a soothing pandemic in my life


Just like Covid-19, the pandemic that swept the face of the earth since its existence


The lies have complicated my life to its horizon

26 August, 2023