Life Changes

By samuel Mundusa
samuel Mundusa's stories

I may be poor today,
but tomorrow I’ll be rich,
You may be poor today,
but tomorrow you’ll be rich,
because life changes from negative to positive.

Life must always change like months and years,
and at the time it’s no surprise,
but there are many moments when destiny’s doors swing shut,
because life changes, like the growth of a child.

Look, I’ve known people,
who acted like pastors,
but were unsatisfied with themselves,
people who only searched for money but died poor,
so abstain from those bad behaviors.

Because step by step, slowly but surely is a good way to go.
A good life takes proper direction.
Life changes,
but a life under pressure,
may lead to death.

A pressured life,
means doing things against your will.
A pressured life,
may make you internalize a Freemason, and work for Blood,
because you aren’t satisfied with what you have.

But a good life,
Is going step by step, slowly but surely,
but going forward without a plan,
is like speeding a car that has no breaks, so plan carefully and be like the sun.

Make the past a verb,
and consider your future life,
for life breathes,
in and out.

But if you think of your wife,
the panga knife will turn into a knife.

My dear,
your future is too bright,
search it before you kiss the soil, for life will change, if you get change.

Try to fight,
go straight,
For there is no sweet without sweat, Try to test,
And know that you rip what you sow,
And know as well that today I’m poor,
but tomorrow I’ll be rich,
and today you’re poor,
but tomorrow you’ll be rich,
because life changes.

24 July, 2023