GLODEJE's stories

No matter how well we live our lives or how good we are to others

No matter how many tears we cry in hidden silence, no one really bothers

We spend today, and tomorrow too, trying to secure a meal

But who would have thought that very plate will never win life’s gamble deal


I sweat and I slave all night and day, I walk and I work and I toil

But here in Zimbabwe, do you know how much it costs just to buy a bottle of oil?

there are times i give up, I throw in the towel, hoping life would take the bait

but I soon realized that death never comes too early or too late


What’s a man to do when he works so hard with nothing to show for it, please!

well that’s the hard way that I learnt, life’s battles are fought on one’s knees

I even went to church and I was sincere too, I gave my life to the Lord

that day I felt all my life’s chains, were ripped from me like a cord


I soon realized that it was not me who found Him

But rather HIM who found me

Understanding that He called my name, even before the foundation

That alone was the key


Life is still not easy, every day new challenges that stand in your way as a block

but I have peace within me, knowing the Lord has taught me to have faith when I knock

Now I face the world, with strength and poise, striking Goliath in the forehead

knowing when the sun sets, I’ll have peace within me every time I go to bed


1 July, 2023