Lost in the life

By Nahid Rauf
Lost in Life, by: Nahid Rauf

Lost in the life

When I was lost in the center of the crowd
Tired enough for taking a step forward
When I stopped in the middle staring nowhere
Feeling I was missed in the world inside my mind
Although I knew this city that I barely used to live on

I hope you saw the scream inside my eyes
I hope you heard the silence I shouted out loud

Can’t blame you for not stepping forward
Even if my heart was torn down and my tears were drowning me

I know it was the life you gifted but I got lost
I just believe you hugged me, even if we were feets apart

Remember? the day I fell, and hurt my heart,
I remember, the warm you gave me which wrapped my heart

But when it gets hard I want to stifle the breath inside
Then I think of you and believe you won’t let my hope die

Can I tell you I count the days to date I fly?
It’s so heavy to pull the body when the soul is died

You told me to come to you if it gets hard
Forgive me, if I forgot the way toward

Just bless me with rain so I can hide
The drops of tear shedding on my face, showing what they should not

Can’t promise to live the life the way you taught
But just be sure, I will move on and will survive

31 March, 2023