Love is Needed


A fresh breeze blowing around the city of Chania on the northwest coast of the island of Crete. It’s a beautiful city that hosts some of the beautiful beaches like the Elafonisi beach a small islet. It’s view is like a paradise on earth and has a wonderful beach with pink coral sand and crystalline water. Chania is known for it’s great architecture.

The quiet neighborhood, birds chirping and the shining sun pointing towards Richard’s window. He is a rich man who is kind-hearted, hardworking, and an extrovert. Richard loves to spend time partying, reading, and hanging out with friends. He is a successful business man who have acquired a lot of wealth like companies, cars and others.

As time goes οn, Richard realises he needs a woman in his life. (Oh Richard…. it’s either that or you’re just bored by your own wealth. I’ve known men like that….. fishing around for playthings…). He sits down on his bed and thinks for a while and afterward he keeps moving left and right about this issue, but all these thoughts were in vain because women follow him for money he has had a lot of disappointments and heartbreaks. (Of course, such will happen because the ladies are just after his money, they are only for his riches to satisfy themselves.) His previous relationship was a mess. He overheard his ex-girlfriend planning to take all of his wealth and run away. She didn’t love him. (Yes she don’t love him… her thoughts will be why should I love him, I’m only after his riches.) After remembering all these incidents, Richard decided to disguise himself as a poor man. (A poor man? Yes Richard can’t be blamed because he’s searching for true love and he wants to know who will truly love him, despite being poor, as he has almost given up on love.)

Richard relocates to a smaller village neighborhood in Chania, called called Koum Kapi, which is known for it’s charming cafes and restaurants that are favored by the locals, so this is the best place for Richard to blend with local life where the middle and lower classes live, a town full of busy roads, crowded with people walking on the streets, noisy restaurants, taverns, bars, and cafes which are busy day and night where both young and old brother with a loud music playing from the coastline. (I wonder how he will manage to cope living in such a different life now?)

He moves to a smaller apartment and live there for a long time and makes a new friend in the village, named Peter. Peter is a cheerful, friendly, and a kind man. He became friends with Richard when Richard visited a local bar and had a conversation. From there they started hanging out together. (Richard will make friends easily because he’s an extrovert and likes meeting new people.)

As time goes on, Richard is gradually getting used to the rural lifestyle and how the people live there. On a sunny day, Richard decides to take a walk around the village from the beach and into the areas where the locals live. He meets a beautiful girl who is walking with her friends. The fresh breeze blowing towards her direction, they both stare at each other, lost in thought. Her friends speak to her and they ask why she is lost in thought. She replies, “nothing really.” (Do you think this will be Richard’s chance of getting true love? I do, so…let’s see.)

Richard stops her and says, “can I have a word with you? My name is Richard,” he says politely, adding, “What’s yours?”

She replied, “my name is Flora.” What a beautiful name, he thinks. They went on their separate pathways. (I think they’re both beginning to fall in love with each other.)

Flora is a shy, quiet, humble introvert. Flora’s friends could not believe she just finished having a conversation with Richard. They were laughing and one said, “I would rather be with a rich man in the city than to be with a poor man like him.” However Flora ignores these comments saying, “He’s a kind man. You should not speak badly without knowing someone.”

The communication between Richard and Flora became stronger after they get to see each other again often. One fateful day, along the waterfront where there are built a few cafes, bars, and taverns with wonderful views of the sea, Flora and Richard shared a coffee in the evening. Flora asked Richard if he has ever fallen in love. He was at first quiet. Richard felt nervous about Flora’s question: why did she care about it? She said, “I’m just curious about your love life.”

Months passed by. Richard has fallen in love with Flora and is shy to express how he feels. (He wonders if he should express his feelings or not, because of his disappointing past experiences.) A knock comes from the door, Richard gets up to answer and it’s his friend, Peter. Peter looks at Richard and asks, “why are you feeling anxious?” Richard sluggishly speaking “I’m in love with Flora.” (Peter thinks of Flora as a loving lady and always teases Richard that they’re meant for each other.) Peter replied with excitement, “wow that’s great news!” but Richard says that he is afraid to express his feelings and worries he might be rejected by Flora. Peter encourages Richard by saying, “not every girl will leave a man for being poor. You should tell Flora how you feel.”

Richard having considering all this opinion from Peter decides to reveal his true identity to his friend. He says, “I have something to tell you Peter—I’m not poor.”

Peter is surprised, saying “how Richard?”

He explains, “I’m not poor, I’m only in this village in search of true love. I’m sorry for keeping this secret for a long time but I have always been disappointed by ladies who go after my money.”

“Yes, after all the conversation,” Peter says. “I’m not angry for you keeping the secret, you have been a good friend to me. I’m truly happy that you have found love at last. Does Flora know about your secret?”

Richard replied, “no, she doesn’t. I will tell her when the time comes.”

The next day, Richard is about to leave the house, all dressed up to meet Flora, and he opens the door and bumps into Flora who was standing in front of his house. He invites her to come inside. They’re having a lot of chit-chat discussion, and then they share dinner. After dinner, at a point, Richard is moving towards Flora and staring at her eyes, he says, “you are so beautiful.”

Flora looks at him awkwardly and asks, “are you okay?”

Richard’s mind emptied of thought. “Yes I am,” he said in a trance. Getting up and about to leave after having dinner with Richard, Flora is leaving and says to him, “I’ll talk to you later Richard.”

He hurriedly stands up: “I have something to tell you before you go. I’ve been keeping this secret for a long time, and I feel it’s time to tell you.”

Flora agrees, “Okay I’m listening.”

Richard stammers, “I…I’m in love with you Yes, I’m in love with you. I’ve kept this feeling for a long time. I’m sorry if this will change our friendship.”

Flora is short of words and stands for a while before speaking. “I’ve always loved you too, and cherished you since the very first day I met you. I guess we’re made for each other.”

Richard answers, “thank you for making me so happy. I’m grateful for you choosing me. I’ve been disappointed by so many ladies, and I’m so sorry to tell you that I disguised myself as a poor man just to find my true love. Ladies go after my wealth, and not me; but you are all I need.”

Flora in tears hearing Richard’s story says that she also has something to say. “My uncle is in this village. I decided to leave the city because I have been hurt countless times. Men go after my money because my parents are rich. Anytime I try to love someone I’m usually cheated on.”

A noise from the door: it’s Peter, who has been standing quiet for a long time without them noticing. He says, “you are truly right for each other. I’m happy you’ve both found each other and have confessed everything. I admit, I overheard it all. Congratulations!”

After the conversation, they hugged each other. Richard thanked Peter for staying by his side and for being a good friend and adds that he will never forget him. The following day, Richard and Flora decide to leave the village and relocate to the city. They got married months later and Flora gave birth to twins the next year, and they grew happier than ever.

26 August, 2023