Memo To My 13 Year Old self

By Shumy

Dear me 

Does time rewind to go back and maybe allow us to re-do or undo some of the things or past events in our lives? Well I hate to disappoint you, but that doesn’t happen or maybe will not. But why? Perhaps because the control of time is beyond human nature. I was thinking about it and it hit me hard, because any minute lost can never be recovered, and that’s life. I know I can’t go back in time and change things, but guess what I can do, I can send my fifteen year old self some real talk.

Hey Buddy, it has been quite a journey since you have set your foot on mother earth, and looking back I can say you are growing up and soon you will be asking yourself questions you don’t have answers to. Well I have some good news for you though, answers to some questions will come by time, so if you don’t get it give it time. I know you are afraid of what the future has in store for you and you worry whether it will work out for better or for worse. Listen, you don’t have to worry about it now, just enjoy yourself, have fun and make memories because these are going to be more precious to you as you grow old and that’s the only thing that you take when you die. Don’t be afraid of failure and also make a lot of mistakes because you will learn more from your failures than your successes and that will be your guidance, as they say “experience is the best teacher”. Also never take anything personal that will save a lot of unnecessary frustrations and disappointments. You know those “buddies” that you value and consider friends, well don’t trust any also don’t be too attached because you’ll not be with them for long and soon you are going to lose many of them especially after your high school, that being said, I’d love to tell you that you don’t have friends or enemies in this life you only have teachers and every lesson counts.

Furthermore, I know most of your friends have dreams of career fields they would love to major in, don’t you worry that you haven’t figured it out take your time and in the meantime find something you are good at and enjoying doing, it can be those computer software development you love so much, the acting, the dancing you always do even when your mama told you it won’t help you or that hobby you love, then work on improving them and trust me they’ll save you in the long run. Additionally, knowing where you are coming from, I know it is going to be hard for you since you don’t have anyone to lean on and guide you throughout. Nevertheless, know that I am proud of you for how far you have come, so NEVER think of giving up everything again even though you feel like running away from the pain because the older you grow you are going to appreciate the pain you’ve passed through. 

I know  that I let down getting along with friends as if we are going to be together forever butIi hope you will make a difference. furthermore, I know you don’t go along with the teacher of physics but I hope you won’t drop his classes and continue playing volleyball because even in your adulthood you still enjoy it. also keep working out regularly and maintain your weight because if you don’t it’s going to cost you much paying for gym membership.

Last but not least, know that you are loved, you are smart, you matter, you are intelligent, you are skilled and you are capable of more than what you think, that being said don’t be afraid of anything that is thrown your way like that Math exam because you are going to kill it. I know no one told you this but prayer does wonders so pray about everything because even when the world is against you will walk confidently knowing that God is on your side, so go make yourself proud because you owe yourself a lot. So Be Happy!

Yours friendly 

Future Self



1 February, 2023