My Girlfriend Distressed Me

By Gerrard Hakizimana

I have never been a person to take or accept disappointment let alone intentionally disappoint other people. I consider myself as a man of my word. 2012, I was in a serious relationship with Suzi. She ticked many boxes on my ideal partner list and I was certain she was the one meant for me.

She made me feel all types of butterflies with her tenderness and loving personality. We were both putting effort and that made the relationship sail smoothly. Her presence in my life brought a new side of me I never knew existed, a side that ignored all the red signs simply because i was in love. A part of me always believed with time,everything would be better.

Things went sideways the time I decided to chase my dream. I remember vividly how the evening conversations changed when i told Suzi that I wanted to finish high school.Suzi was far from pleased and her main worry was how the relationship would change if i leave for school. As a teenager, I had no choice but to follow what my parents told me. Apart from listening to my parents, I also wanted to finish high school so that I can proceed to university level.

Nothing broke my heart more watching the girl I thought had my interests at heart angry and displeased by the idea of me trying to fix my life. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. What she failed to map out was the bigger picture, the possibility of the both of us living a better life once I got educated. We could possibly build the family we always spoke about in a way we both desired.

Reminiscing on the good old days where I met my girl and how we fell for each other always set me in a good mood. I looked forward to evenings where we hung out at a local food spot and had an all time favourite roasted chicken. After eating the chichen, we took walks during which we had the most heartfelt conversations and stolen kisses in between.

I told Suzi that my love for her will not change even though we’d be far from each other.l Suzi tried to convince me to attend community day school where I could be going home after school but I thought the best idea was to go to a boarding school.Suzi unwillingly came to terms with knowing that I was going away for school. Although it pained her , finishing school was the best thing I could do for the both of us.

When I came back from school, I felt my world collapse after hearing the bad news that Suzi got engaged to another man. Letting her go was so hard for me after remembering the promise that we would not leave each other no matter how bad the situations could ever get between us. My elder brother welcomed me with sad news but I could not believe it until I heard it from Suzi herself. I had never been to her home since we started dating but on this particular day, I don’t how I gathered the confidence to knock at her parent’s gate. All I wanted was for her to look me in the eye and tell me that she didn’t love me anymore.

Upon entry into her house, I was met by the sight of Suzi sitting with another man and in her hand was an engagement ring. Suzi knew I would confront her and she decided to spend the day with her man. Too overwhelmed by emotions, I rushed back home sobbing like a baby. A week after my failed confrontation, news reached me that Suzi got married.

Never did I think I would survive such an ordeal but I did. I’m just glad I chose not to give up on my dreams. Who knows what Suzi could have done to me had this relationship actually worked?

17 June, 2023