My greed for money

By Ocaya Jordan kilama

I grew up in a big family. My dad, my mother, my paternal grandparents, my uncle and his wife, my two cousin sisters and my beloved sister and me all lived together in a beautiful mansion in Kampala, Uganda. My family was really wealthy, and my mum and her siblings were always fighting to be the heir of all that wealth. There was literally no peace at home. Everyone was always fighting together, other including me and my siblings.

When I was twenty six years old, I started going to one of the clubs in the city. It was a great way to get to know new people, to find a release from the rhythms of the day, and to shake of my family problems. At least the loud music and the strippers always enlightened my mood. I felt comfortable there.

I often saw this one lady there who couldn’t take her eyes off me. She seemed much older than me. She was so elegant, beautiful and classy. I felt attracted to her beauty right away, but she seemed like a very serious person too, which wasn’t really my type, so I didn’t pay much attention to her.

She approached me one Saturday and introduced herself as Olivia. She talked as if she’d known me forever. She knew all about my family, even sensitive details. I was so surprised when she told me she knew about my debts at the casino as well. She even knew I was not given any respect at home, and taken for a useless person. After talking for about thirty minutes, she proposed a deal to me if we’d get married.

“If you marry me you could own half of my fortune within a year. And I can help you clear all your debts before we get married. You can have anything you want,” she said, “including cars.”
“She sure knows my weaknesses,” I remember thinking.
“Well, your offer is really tempting,” I replied, “but I think I need a little bit more time to think about it.”
“Take your time please, but the offer stands until tomorrow morning. So, call me when you have made up your mind.”

She got up and left her card on the table. In my heart I knew this was a great opportunity to prove to my family that I could actually become somebody. As Olivia was leaving, I ran after her, and in the darkness outside the bar I told her I accepted the deal. The wedding was in two days time. I didn’t tell any of my family members because I knew they wouldn’t support my marriage to a person much older than me.

We had a simple court wedding. After signing some paperwork, we went home to celebrate. Olivia had said she wanted an open relationship; we both could see whoever we wanted. But only three days had passed when I got home late from my usual bar, and Olivia got so mad. I was shocked. I just grabbed my phone and went to the next bedroom thinking “What have I gotten myself into? It’s just been three days of our marriage and hell has already begun in this house. Will I really be able to tolerate all this for a year or am I doomed? No, maybe it’s best to just wait and see what will happen.”

A week passed by and there was still no peace between us. I continued ignoring Olivia, and then our conflict reached the point that she started starving me. My cousins and sisters gave me some money so I could survive. Soon after, I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to ask for a divorce from Olivia.

“I’m sorry darling,” Olivia said, “you can’t divorce me, and do you know why? The papers you signed state that if you ever divorce me, you have to pay me double for the loan I paid off for you. And what’s more, the contract doesn’t state at all that you’ll inherit my wealth. Next time, read before you sign anything. So just relax. We are here till the death do us part, unless you have the money to pay me back.”
“You are the devil, Olivia! If you think you can trap me to stay in this marriage then you’re wrong. I will give you hell in this house till you divorce me yourself. Just wait and watch.” “Your threats don’t scare me, Mark. Do what you can but just know that I will be watching you.”

Despite convincing myself that I would get out of Olivia’s trap, I knew my worst nightmare had only just begun. Olivia had my phone tapped and she could see wherever I went.

Two days later, my father called. “Bring your possessions with you,” he said, “you will be needing them because you are going in hiding until I’m done pressuring Olivia to give you a divorce. I will use my own methods; all you have to do is sign some documents for me.”
“Alright dad, I will do as you say. See you soon.”
“Alright son, see you. Take care.”

My dad scheduled to meet me that evening. Olivia was going to the mall to shop for some clothes, she needed a wardrobe change, she said. I was surprised that she was so calm about leaving me alone at home, it was unusual. Little did I know that she had overheard me talking to my dad and sent some goons to beat him up. She had asked the goons to get the papers my father wanted me to sign. Minutes later when I had thought she had left for the mall, I packed my bags and I was leaving the house when she startled me from behind.
“Are you going without saying goodbye Mark? Where are your manners?”
“Olivia! Weren’t you supposed to be in the mall? What are you doing here?”
“Well, I didn’t go, and I just lied to you. What? Were you planning to betray me with your father? Too bad your father is in the hospital and he won’t be able to follow through with your plans.”
“What did you do to my father you crazy bitch? I promise that you will pay for everything!” I got dizzy before I could even finish what I was telling Olivia. “What did you do to me Olivia?”
“Well, while you were busy hiding and talking to your father in the bathroom, I took the chance and spiked your drink.”

That night, while my dad was recovering in the hospital, I fell into a deep, drug-induced sleep. When I woke up it was morning, and Olivia was sitting beside me, just staring at me. Then we heard the bell of the door ring. I was too weak to get up because I was still feeling drowsy, so Olivia went to open the door. It hadn’t been two minutes when she left the room that I heard a gunshot. I struggled out of bed to see what was going on. When I got there, my dad was holding a gun and Olivia was on the floor, all covered in blood. At that moment, I didn’t know whether I should feel pity or if I should be happy that I was finally free from her. I was just standing there in shock when the police came and arrested my father. The poor man sacrificed his life to save me from the hell I was in.

22 March, 2023