My Hug Is Your Nest

By Fareshta Amiri

Don’t search for me
Look at me
I am here!
My eyes so wet, so shy
Some tears are falling
My body is cold, my hands are no longer warm
Touch them once more, hug me
I am not your nest, nor your chest
Neither weak, nor silent
We are completed like this
With each other in each other’s hugs
I am not angry
I am not shy
Neither tired not estranged
But the world is so senseless
To have kept us so far away
I am here with passion
To see you once more
So how
can you
stay away
Take a step
your sister is here
Take a breath
My hands are waiting for you
Hug me, never judge the time
Blossoms are not in all the seasons alive
You are invited into this nest!


6 December, 2022