By Mutamba Lotima

I am a candle

That lights more than electricity

And never got finished

For my light brights

More than the sunlight (I mean my voice will speak before my kick, death.)


If this could be a dream

That I was dreaming

I could cut it

Before it finishes

As it is the life

That I am living

It is only God who is unchangeable

Our suffering can end.


The dead flag shouldn’t be hurried

Even if the new choir song

Makes us turn into sand

Your hands plus everyone’s hands

Will equal peace

Because for sure trust me

God will help us.


I am a citizen

Of a blessed


But I am living a

Sweet suffering life

I and my country people

Our voices got dry

For the flowing of tears

On the ground

After the rolling

Of our innocent ancestors’ blood

Who died for the

Change of the country

Which is not yet



My father was killed

When he was trying to protect us

My mother was abused and killed

When they knew that

There was a woman

My brother was taken

To become a young soldier

I never see his face back.


The war the war the war

It made people experience sorrow

It made people live in pain

It made people dwell in a bush

It made children orphans

It made women widows

It made citizens refugees

It made people not to see joy

It made people not live in peace.


My country is said to be a market

Where everyone goes

When he wants

For what he wants

The rich country

With slaves citizens.


Retreat retreat retreat

Is the everyday song

Of our country soldiers

On our own soil

On our own land

At our own home

In our own country

Hands up

Kneel down

Face against the soil

We were commanded.


If this could at least be

A nightmare

I could narrate it like a movie

As it is the true event

Your eyes and ears

Can testify


I am coming from

A richest country

With slaves citizens

A fertile land

But hunger is the king.


The war has built

A great strong tower

Of bad souvenir

In our memories

Which can not be forgotten.

31 August, 2023