My Vision

By Kiiza Mohamed Minani

Am stuck, can’t move because am swept by tides
Am spending too much time looking on the dreams shattered
can’t talk, my lips are trembling
I wish home was as peaceful as a dove’s nest
I wish we could have leaders with the qualities of an eagle

Silently inhaling the clover-scented gale and vapors that arise
To help us have a highly bitter wind sealing our house
against an eyeless wind of glory
For every boy and girl
Man and woman

Because it hurts me to see many families fleeing like birds from a fallen tree
Some day I hope you will be here to comfort them and hold their hands
It’s time to think about restoration where one hunter digs a hole and the other sets a trap
From well-watered and smoking soil
Of all that has been lost as the high bitter wind seals my eyes

We lost our dignity and rights at the sound of a cemetery
Our families, peace and joy humming in a nearby harmless wind
the home that sheltered us was crippled land someone else’s grandfather plowed
Our love can’t hide as the power saw lops off my hands, our silence untouchable
Rather extend it to all generations or sink as the light wind sins or dies

I call on leaders to sit down and speak with the drunkards and gluttons of past generations
So that the swallows gathering twitter in the skies
and the great wings beat still to it’s tremendous adventures
So that our homes feel like home again and blaze up as the cottage warms
So I dream of going back to life, too much like a pathless wood.

This is my vision, of a safer home

15 February, 2023