My worst marriage

By Adie Irene

Tasha was a hard-working woman in the city of Kampala. She built her clothing empire from the ground up. Her life took a romantic turn when she fell in love with Anthony, and they got married two years ago. However, her life shattered when Tasha found out her husband had been seeing another woman behind her back. As if that wasn’t enough, Anthony moved Nancy, the other woman, into their home, taking advantage of Tasha’s partial paralysis from a recent accident.

Nancy was younger and more beautiful than Tasha. She had a gorgeous body too. She was every man’s dream. But beneath her facade, she was a cunning opportunist, eager to steal Tasha’s hard earned wealth and property.

Tension in the house was palpable the day Nancy moved in. “Anthony, who is this woman?” Tasha asked. “Can you shut up and stop calling my wife this woman,” Anthony replied. “She’s Nancy, the new lady of the house. You are crippled and useless right now so she’s my new wife. Nancy, please come in and make yourself comfortable.”

”Thanks my love,” Nancy replied as she pushed Tasha who is on a wheel chair aside. She didn’t waste any time making herself at home. She went straight into the bedroom to discard Tasha’s belongings and replace them with her own. Meanwhile, Anthony and Tasha were in the sitting room arguing. “You didn’t love me, did you? You were just after my money and everything I could offer you right. Your so disgusting Anthony.” Tasha spoke with a shaking voice.

“Just take a look at you, who would want to stay committed to an ugly person like you? You don’t even reach my standards. That woman in the bedroom right there is my wife now. And she’s the woman of my dreams. Get used to that idea,” Anthony said as he headed to their bedroom.

“Well I won’t leave this house for you and your new wife,” said Tasha.

“You must be out of your mind if you think I would just let you go like that. You think I don’t know that if I allow you to go, you will just run straight to the police and get me arrested for keeping you out of your will and taking control of your assets without your permission? Just stay in that wheel chair quietly!” Anthony shouted .

Tasha kept crying, and unable to do anything. She just had to watch what was going on in her own house and keep quiet. Sometimes Nancy wouldn’t give her food the entire day. Whenever Tasha and Nancy crossed paths, Nancy would abuse Tasha, or even push her wheel chair aside.

“Hello baby, hope your day is going on well. I want to introduce you to Patricia,” Anthony hired a house help to carry out the chores, so Nancy would just seat like a queen in the house as they lived off of Tasha’s money. “Patricia, this is my wife, Nancy. The madam of the house.” “Well, I’m glad to see you, Patricia. I hope you know how to do your work well,” said Nancy. “Yes madam, I work very well.”

“Your job is very simple here,” said Anthony. “First, you have to mind your business. If I see you talking to that crippled woman over there, I will sack you, so don’t make that mistake. Secondly, you have to do everything that my wife Nancy tells you without any complaints. Lastly, I hope you know all the house chores in this house are on you. Well, we are done here. You can start your work.”

Patricia, seeing Tasha treated so unfairly decided to help her out. “Can I do anything for you madam?” she asked when Anthony and Nancy where in another room. “All you can do for me is wait for Anthony to leave the house then you help me get my phone from his room. I promise I will protect you.” Tasha folded her hands in her lap. Patricia looked worried. After a few moments of silence she said, “Okay, let me try.”

Soon after, Anthony left the house. Nancy was watching television in the living room. Patricia hurried to the bedroom. She soon returned to Tasha with her phone. Tasha called her lawyer, mr. James, and asked him to come with the police. Mr James arrived twenty minutes after, with the police. Fortunately, Anthony had just arrived too, and the police arrested both him and his wife for kidnapping and forgery of signatures. Tasha stayed in her house and Patricia became like family to her.

13 June, 2023