Never Say Never

By Angelique Kwizera

I have a friend named Lolian and I like calling her Loli. We came to know each other the time I went to buy some soaps on a Sunday at a shop called Njale. They sell different groceries like, cooking oil, bread, and soaps. When I arrived there, she was standing with my brother, Hatungi. My brother introduced me to her and then we started talking to each other regularly. Our friendship grew as the time passed. With the way she was so cheerful, I wished that when my brother will be ready to get a partner, he should consider approaching Loli.

My friend Loli once lived a life as if she had no future. I never liked it when she complained that she had slept without eating anything. She was only staying with her mother and she is the bread winner for the family. During that time, the mother was unable to provide for the family and that is why they slept without eating. The time I went to see her, one week had passed without seeing each other. I found that she had spent two days without cooking anything. I asked her what she had ate lately but I cried after hearing that she was paying her neighbors a visit during lunch time to see if any of them would welcome her to eat together with her. I asked her why she was not telling me about this and she told me that she dislikes it when she thinks that she is about to be a burden to her friend.

I was not happy to find out that my friend did not trust that I can be of help as opposed to the idea of her becoming a burden. I had 20000 Malawian Kwacha in my small bag. I begged her to take it so that she could push herself in the next coming days and hopefully, she should see a change in life after believing in herself.

I vowed to be a more supportive friend to Loli, emphasizing mutual support and caring. We devised a plan to improve her situation, setting up a meal schedule and encouraging open communication about her struggles. We emphasized the importance of mutual support and care. Lolian’s bond strengthened through shared meals and open conversations, fostering trust and understanding. As time passed, she made positive plans for her future.

Loli and I learned the significance of active listening and support during challenging times. True friendship involves providing a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, and unwavering support. Together, they demonstrated that strong friendships can overcome obstacles and create a brighter future filled with hope and love.

I have a friend called Hosiana who works at Ubuntu organization in Lilambwe area. I went to see her just for the sake of my friend Lolian. I wanted her to find her an internship so that she can familiar herself with a professional world. I was glad that Hosiana accepted to take my friend as an intern in the secretary position. Before telling her this good news, I hesitated to avoid her telling me that she was becoming a burden. I requested Hosiana to release a call for application for an internship position in her department. Thereafter, I told Lolian to apply for it. She was excited to hear about the position. I told her to write a letter and send it to me first to have a look at it.

I decided to help my friend with a job opportunity because it was the only way that would not look like I was spoon feeding her. I wanted her to also put some effort for her to gain something and help herself. I was impressed with how fast she sent me the letter. When I received it, I called her at my place for us to correct some grammatical errors to avoid my friend to question much on her motivational letter. I believed in her ability and my instincts were right. I never saw any mistake in her letter. I then told her to send it but I had confidence that it would be her who will be chosen.

It sounds like nepotism but I can do anything for my friend. What people think that they can never accomplish ends up becoming their reality and I am one of the people who believe in fighting for something and not spoon feeding. I did that because my friend was suffering a lot. Seeing her lacking basic needs was like seeing myself in the same situation. I never know where tomorrow takes us. She might be the one to help me in the future when I meet hard times.



16 August, 2023