Noesis: Part 5

By Ashley Dube

There was something off about this mission. For all the time Chenje had worked for the agency, he had dealt with some dangerous people—cartel leaders, political threats, various criminals from the organized crime scene—but Mafukidze didn’t seem dangerous at all. He just seemed like a geek. He was secretive, yes, but he moved without any real surveillance. It hadn’t been hard tracking him down.

The Major’s involvement in this mission had bothered him too. He used to stay more on the side line, but now he was even asking for day-to-day reports. Was this mission personal for him? But if so, why did he ask didn’t he to pursue his personal vendetta himself? This train of thought filled him with loads of frustration, because as if that was the case, why didn’t the Major just track Mafukidze down himself? Then again, maybe Mafukidze was hiding something bigger in the guise of noetic science. It was highly unlikely, but one would never really sure.

In the next few hours he would know. Mafukidze’s assistant just messaged him that he was going to the laboratory the afternoon. As easy as this mission had been, it had deprived him of quality time with Melody. They could have been on vacation right now, but oh well, duty calls. Chenje only hoped for it to be over and done with soon, maybe he’d get that vacation after…

Just when he was about to head to Mafukidze’s lair, his phone rang. “I’m coming down to Mutare,” said the Major. “Keep him long enough till I arrive!” He hung up without waiting any response. If the Major was making the 265 kilometre trip to Mutare himself it must be serious, thought Chenje as he strapped himself up and he was on his way.

He arrived early because he wanted to see Mafukidze arrive along with his assistant. Chenje really hoped the young brother wouldn’t double-cross him. He wouldn’t dare, Chenje thought, and besides, he wasn’t built for that this kind of thing. Chenje did not have to wait for long before a Hilux made a sharp turn towards the building. Two passengers disembarked from the vehicle: his target, doctor Mafukidze, and his assistant. As they made their way to the entrance, Chenje swiftly followed them, and yelled “Freeze!” just before they had entered.


My worst fears were confirmed. Of course I recognized the voice, it was Cobra, the criminal who had been at my place only yesterday asking about Mafukidze, pistol in hand. The jovial countenance on Mafukidze from earlier had now completely evaporated. There was an air of hopelessness from Mafukidze as he raised his hands. “All you need to do is to cooperate and we will have no problem!” Cobra said authoritatively, gesturing toward the entrance for us to go inside with his CIO identification card.

“So, your so-called Major is sending his little wolves to do his dirty work now. Can’t he come and face me myself we can iron this out like what proper men do?” I was shocked at the doctor’s response. Was he trying to get us killed here? To my surprise, Cobra looked even more surprised and put away his gun.

“Major unomuzivira kupi iwe?”

“From the time he kidnapped me almost two years ago,” the doctor responded boldly.

“Why would he do that?”

“Because of all this!” Mafukidze said, pointing to his experimental equipment. “Your boss has been after me since he caught wind that I am doing research in Noetic Science as part of his dark twisted plot to achieve Apotheosis. I doubt you are even here on official CIO business, you’re probably just pursuing the Major’s agenda, am I right?”

“What is all this…” Cobra asked sounding shocked

“It’s funny how you come in here, big chested, gun in hand, but you haven’t got a clue about what you are on about. So much for being CIO agents. You’re just glorified pawns for the big boys!” Oh my, where did Mafukidze gather this audacity from? Here I was fearing for my life as the doctor dropped verbal nukes on a whole CIO agent. I could tell the latest jab had hit a nerve on our dear agent. He grabbed the doctor by the collar, “Listen now and listen well, talking like that will have you being referred in the past tense!”

“But we still have to wait for your boss don’t we?” I don’t want to lie, Mafukidze showed a lot of cojones facing Cobra. I was impressed. Yes, we are, anyway what is this Noetic thing? Cobra responded humbly.

“Well, it is a branch of science which seeks to uncover the extra-ordinary potential that lay hidden within the human consciousness.”

Oh here were go again, Noetic Science 101, I thought to myself. Cobra seemed attentive though, so Mafukidze went on. “Noetic science has the potential to be transformative. I’ve dedicated countless hours to meditation, visualization, intention and other techniques that forge profound connection to consciousness.” He paused for a moment, glancing at Cobra. “On my way here, I’ve been showing a video to this young man of monks healing a cancerous cell via meditation.”

I could tell by the look on Cobra’s face he didn’t believe it but he did not muster to question anything.

Mafukidze continued, “Thoughts are like grains of sand. On their own, they’re inconsequential. But gather them, focus them, and they can become as heavy and influential as a dune. The same applies to thoughts. One thought may prove useless to alter the physical world as we know it. But what if we focus a multitude of thoughts through sheer willpower, could that alter physical reality? Block out all noises! Let your consciousness take over and let the change you want be achieved. Take that one thought, combine them with other thoughts in the same realm, and cancerous cells can be healed.”

He looked around, locking eyes first with me, then with Cobra. “The funny thing is, we all have heard of these things. Some have even experienced it. It has been given a lot of names: ‘juju’, ‘divine intervention’ and so on, but as the first law of energy states, energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed from your consciousness to the physical world. Everything is possible! The problem with us humans is that we hide from the unknown, call it religion or magic or sorcery whatever rocks your boat. But I am searching for those answers.”

The doctor went on for hours and hours and we were hooked. But Cobra never let his guard down, making sure we were in check.

“We have been waiting for you Mr Karimanzira,” the doctor said. I turned around in surprise and saw the Major. I’d been so captivated I didn’t even here him coming. He had an imposing frame, standing at about 6 ft. 5, or 6 ft. 6—I couldn’t be sure, but he was exceptionally tall. Together with his huge muscular build, he was a mountain of a man. He stood in the room for a while before nodding in the direction of Cobra.

“I knew I could count always on you Chenje.” Oh so our dear agent is named Chenje, I thought. Good to know.

“So Mafukidze, let’s make it quick. You have what I want. You can either help me, or I will take the life I spared two years ago.” On hearing this, I really hoped the doctor would not exhibit that fake bravado he was displaying earlier to Chenje. This Major seemed like he wouldn’t hesitate to kill us all.

“To be honest, yes I am carrying out the research and though it’s not done, I have made significant strides on my research on Noetic science. I would be willing to share all the information I have with you. And more will come your way if you allow me to. I promise you if its Apotheosis you want, you’ll get, that is, if it is possible. I just want assurance on my protection.”

“I knew you were a smart man doc, you answered well, we can shake on it,” the Major said, approaching Mafukidze for a handshake. Then a loud bang engulfed the room, followed by a huge thud, as loads of blood splattered across the floor. I looked at Chenje, his finger still on the trigger.

“What have you done!” I yelled.

“I just saved your lives you fools! The Major would have used you and got rid of you once you were done. I have worked with him long enough to know he won’t tolerate any loose ends. Even myself was on the chopping block. Doc, you have to go into hiding again, and this time proper hiding. You have to leave the country.”

“I think I might have a plan. We can move to IONS California via South Africa. Are you in young man? I have people who can sort out with papers. We’ll be on the first flight tomorrow morning.” I just nodded. What other options did I have?

“What about all this? Won’t this have some blow-back?” Mafukidze asked as he looked at Chenje.

Chenje just looked at me and doc, a small smile appearing on his usual stoic look.

“Don’t worry, I want all the smoke…”

9 November, 2023