Ode to My Beloved Snack

By Innocent

Every time when it clocks 17:00, I see the chefs from the town getting prepared to produce some charming snack for the whole town.

Do you know how fun it is watching the craft of making a rounded flour into a nice circled piece of snack? I am always smiling when I am waiting for the fryer while she is showing me her talent for frying. Turning and squeezing the snack all over the table, it looks like she is playing with my food but no, that’s how the magic works. This is something I never get tired  of watching when I am in my area.

Placing the snack on the pan to be heated, it is something which happens in a snap. When I see my snack on the pan, in  another blink I see it on the table ready to entertain my soul. This is just the fun of watching her doing her amazing work of producing such an amazing meal. The process of mixing bakery flour, salt, sugar, and onion is one of the best arts I enjoy watching. I bet you can feel fine just like I always do when I am watching this art which makes my stomach smile while I am having my first nibble of the snack.

The first taste of this magnificent snack makes me close my eyes always so that I can feel the taste from deep, deep inside my feelings, as its aroma disturbs my smelling mechanism. In short, no better word to describe the beautiful smell, it nourishes me with a portion in it.

Anywhere I go I always find you there, dear Snack, it feels like we are stalking each other. Street walking during this time becomes more fun and awesome because of the mysterious hands of the chefs. Dear Snack, I don’t have enough cash from time to time for you, but still the aroma you have clears my throat and satisfies my hunger when I am stranded. Sometimes I think that you are the one who follows me, but now I realize that wherever I am you are there, too. Clearly we are destined to be together. I find you in each and every corner of my town’s street. I feel like I have nowhere to run just because it is obvious I will meet you there.

Do you know another thing I like about this snack which is found in every street corner of my town? I am not the only person who is in love with this snack. Every Type of person in my town likes the way the snack tastes. Our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and kids, all of them at the end of the day, find themselves watching the art of preparing their favorite snack in the street corners of our town.

This is the other best part of this snack: I am very proud of you, man! All the time when I see you I feel connected to a lot of things. You always bring back my sweet mother’s memory, the process of her having her way in the kitchen to manufacture the tasty and breathtaking snack after a satisfying night meal. Even the Queen of a kingdom might also prefer to prepare a delicious African cake with no yeast as the starter of the day. I also remember my past sweetheart bringing some lovely made snacks she usually made with her model-like little sister for me and my precious fellas to enjoy.

I have lots of sweet and strong feelings for the award-winning snack of our town. When I have strangers in my hood, Snack, you are the first I talk about. This is just because I know that you are going to show them how things taste in this town. That’s why there is a deep connection and value between me and you, my precious little snack. The snack is the story teller of how our town is in a nutshell. How the snack taste shows people from other cities the real taste of us here. Saying for real, I give you much respect and love you so very much my delicious delicate Chapati. You are the snack which has helped me grow, that has been part of my life from day one. And I hope you will always be there forever and a day.


24 February, 2023