Painful Love

By Marion Williams Akena

She was just eighteen-years of age when she fell so deeply in love with the twenty-two-year old man. Little did she know that she was being deceived just because of her beautiful body…nice eyes and beautiful dark skin. The poor girl was so madly in love that all she could do was think and think about this young man. She was just an innocent girl who had no idea about her surroundings and the things of the world. This young man taught her about romance and all of the lovey-dovey things you could imagine. He would tell her how lucky he felt to have her. He would tell her how everything felt so right when he was with her. At first everything seemed so perfect and sweet. They would go for evening walks and the man would take her for dinner every weekend. The beach became their second home for they would always go there whenever they wanted some space alone and away from the world and they would make love to each other all night and day as though they would never wake up the next day. They had movie nights where they would grab some snacks and enjoy each other’s company like the world had no meaning without each other. The spark between them went on and on for a couple of months. The girl felt like the luckiest person in the world to have this man, for he showed her that she was his dream girl and that nothing else mattered whenever he was with her. The girl had never had this experience of being loved so much by a man before and it really got to her and she felt like she was the world’s prettiest girl. Just when the girl had fallen so deep and she was really into the man, the man started to back out, for he had gotten exactly what he wanted. The man started changing, little by little, and the girl didn’t recognize the change since it was her first time with love and she was busy giving all the love she could offer. The man kept on with his pretense for a couple of months until their relationship was a year old. On the other side, all that jazz I once had with her, now it was all about her man. She couldn’t spend even a minute on phone calls with me without talking about this love. She would tell me every single little detail, even when they made love or had an argument. Whenever she would call me, she would be so excited and all sounding in-love.

For the last two weeks at the end of the year she really wasn’t okay, and I could feel it since I knew her from childhood. We were close friends forever. I could tell from the sound of her voice that things weren’t going well. The man started coming back home late and drunk, but the love she had was so strong to the point that she wouldn’t let him go. He would abuse her and beat her for no reason. He would tell her how disgusted he felt about her, that he couldn’t stand her no more and he wished he never met her. She would cry her heart out wondering what really went wrong. Sometimes he would come back with lipstick stains on his shirt, and this went on and on until she couldn’t take it and she decided to get someone to talk to.

She would call me often asking if I knew of any psychiatrist around town, and that’s when I scheduled a meeting for her and a psychiatrist I knew of. That afternoon they met and they talked a lot. She told the psychiatrist how poorly the man would treat her and that sometimes he didn’t leave money for food or anything. At that point the man was really tired of putting up with her. Everything she did would just disgust him and he threatened to leave the country if the woman continued to harass him.

At that point she decided to move out of the house to give him some space since she thought that would help save their relationship. Little did she know that he was already seeing someone else outside their relationship. The nights went on and on with her feeling so lonely, so depressed and frustrated. She drank more and more because she couldn’t take the breakup. She would phone the man but he would never answer her calls, and whenever she used a different number the man would pick up and just abuse her. She suspected him of having another woman. She couldn’t take it. One morning she woke up and decided to go to the man’s house to beg him to get back together with her, but he refused. This left her with a lot of rage, and she thought to herself that if she could not have him no one could. There and then she grabbed a knife and stabbed him six times.

Seeing the man bleeding to death on the floor she decided to take a poison and both of them died. Neighbors heard screams and came to rescue her, but it was already too late. People gathered at the scene to find out what was going on. At that moment, everything felt so terrible. The world felt the worst to be in, I thought to myself: how could everything just disappear within a mere second? This really got to me. How could two people who had loved each other so much just end up dead? It was really scary. I lost my best friend in the world and it felt as though I would be next. I couldn’t believe that I was just with her the day before and now she was dead. I was even scared to fall in love again, for I had seen the worst result. They were buried. I was lonely each and every time I thought of it, traumatized, always thinking to myself that she should still be alive, if only she had never fallen in love. Or fallen in love with the wrong person, right? And I had to live with that trauma all my life not seeing her again.

25 December, 2022