Refugee Info Bus

By Niels Bekkema
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The Refugee Info Bus was founded in March 2016 by a group of friends who had been volunteering in the Calais ‘Jungle’ for several months.

For context, Calais is a port town in Northern France where refugees try to make it to the UK. It is wet and fairly mild in summer but brutally cold and unforgiving in the winter months. De-industrialisation means that the region has had a disproportionately high unemployment rate, which helps fuel anti-immigrant sentiment. Police and CRS violence is rife, and displaced people have tents and belongings confiscated daily.

Within a year, we facilitated over 10,000 Wi-Fi logins and delivered more than 1,000 workshops to 3,000+ individuals on the UK and French asylum systems as well as ‘’know your rights’’ workshops, following and during evictions.

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1 March, 2022