Searching For School Fees

By Alicy Munde

I failed the secondary school level and thought my life was doomed. Feeling like this I was super suicidal but I thank my thoughts that I still made it alive. Passing the Malawi National Examination is like a dream come true for youths who have passed through high school education in Malawi. Once someone has failed, they are told to go home and that they do not have a chance to retest. Having this kind of feeling was like the world was ending to me since there was no other way of making it in life other than passing the exam and going to the University.


I tried to look for other means to attend school but it was really hard for me. I had an internship at Fountain of Hope and asked my boss to pay me for school fees but he refused. Instead, he wanted to sleep with me and pay me for school fees in return. This incident made me hate every man on earth but I had a dream to chase. I had to find other means to make it in school. This is the day I became so influenced in my thoughts to become better in my thoughts. I mean that the incident of my boss wanting to pay school fees for me in exchange for sex changed my thinking. I saw that I had to rely on myself to make it through in school.


No matter how bad other people can be bad, there are also others who are good and compassionate. There is a friend of my mother who knew me and what I was going through. At least she had a good heart compared to my boss. Once she came to visit us, my mother explained to her the hardships that I was going through regarding the failure to go to school. When I arrived home, she called me and asked me about it. I shared the truth about how my boss asked me for sex in exchange for helping me to go to school. She was so touched with the situation and she almost cried on that day. She then told me to pay her a visit at her place in Lilongwe.


During the time I visited her, she told me that she wanted to offer me a chance to go back to school. I can say that it was like a guardian angel that showed up in my life the day I received the news about someone who offered to pay the school fees for me.. I thought I was dreaming the time I heard this because I did not expect this kindness from anyone. I went in the evening to see the person who was giving me that opportunity to hear it myself. The next morning after talking to the person I knew my dream came true.I was on my way to school. I promised myself to work so hard to avoid disappointing the person paying the school for me.

1 July, 2023