Second chance

By Adie Irene

Bruno and I had been in a relationship for about four years. Back then, the relationship was beautiful and great. We were the perfect couple known and admired by everyone in town. We met when I was just sixteen years old and he was twenty years old in 2018. We were inseparable. The first two years of our lives were beautiful, things started taking a turn in 2020. It’s either he was cheating on me or telling his friends how he did not care for me or how I had been forcing myself in his life.. Whenever I heard this,it pinched my heart and it hurt. Several times I would confront him and he would vehemently deny everything.


One day, his elder brother called me to let me know that there was a fire at their home. I rushed and left to go check up on my partner and his family. The fire I had in mind and the fire I saw upon arrival at his house was different. Instead I got Bruno with another woman on bed making out. I left without saying a word and he followed me up to explain himself but I didn’t give him a chance because that was not the first time and we had been quarreling about that same girl for months. I rushed back home crying. I reached home and just went straight to my bedroom and locked myself. He called me several times and I refused to pick up his calls. When I was in my room, a thought came to my mind,Daniel. He had been after me for some months now, I chose to keep him as a friend because I had been with someone else. But why am I wasting time with this guy yet there are many men out there after me. There was this one guy called Daniel, he had been after me for a while now but I friend zoned him because I didn’t want to cheat on Bruno. Immediately I called him up and asked him if I could see him that day, without hesitation he agreed, it was as though he was just waiting for my call, he was so excited. Meanwhile I just needed someone who would make me forget about my boyfriend.


That evening he invited me for diner in some fancy restaurant. When I got there the place was decorated with flowers and on the table were two glasses and a bottle of red sweet wine. Just the one I like. Him being a gentleman, he asked me to join him. He pulled the chair out and I sat, then he also went and sat down. Am all yours now, what did you want to talk about beautiful. He gently asked me with a beautiful smile on his face. I smiled back, giving him the green light. I want to give us a chance. I replied calmly. You have made me the happiest man on earth, you don’t know how long I have been waiting for this day. He replied happily. Well let’s have dinner before it gets cold,I replied. We had dinner and he dropped me off at home. The next day, he asked me if I could travel with him to Kampala for a vacation at the beach since it was December. I didn’t want to say no to him so I just agreed. Before we could travel to Kampala, we had ourselves tested for HIV/AIDS. The results came out and the doctor was like one of us is sick, I was so scared. For a moment I thought I was the one who had got infected, I couldn’t stop shivering till the doctor told me to calm down.


On the other hand, Daniel was so calm. If the doctor hadn’t revealed the truth at that time that Daniel was the sick one and not me I would have collapsed. I was so shocked, I think he agreed to take the test because he was not aware of his status. Thankfully I hadn’t yet officially broken up with Bruno, I just got up quietly from the hospital and went back straight back  home. I agreed to hear my Bruno out and he apologized to me, we got back together and we are now happily living together till now, very happy in our relationship too.

27 March, 2023