By Didier Samir

So many years wasted

So many wrongs left un-righted

Our souls are hurt, broken and unexchangeable

Growing numb to death

Letting all the cojones in us die

As the day passes, we are loosing our spirits

And the little energy left in us

Our hopes are floating on the sea

And we feel it while they sink gradually like titanic

Held in this chandelier of nightmares

As our dark moments keeps coming

Every night we lay our heads down

And the fear in us grows stronger

And the eclipse of poor pain

We feel like our skin is ripped off our bodies

More like a bird cut off its wings and thrown in the sky to fly

The sea of our suffering seems endless

And the misery of our broken lives

It is enough to make us cry, but it’s better to laugh

Because our hearts have many scars

8 July, 2023