SO36, Berlin, Germany

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A venue in Berlin. The SO36 opposes any form of sexist, racist or homophobic statements or actions. In the event of disregard, we reserve the right to ban guests or to cancel events or performances. It is not for nothing that the hall at Heinrichplatz bears the abbreviation of the old postal delivery district of Kreuzberg, because in this traditional room a lively present meets an exciting past. The SO36 is operated by the Sub Opus 36 e.V. association, which sees itself primarily as a culture-promoting initiator. Today the hall offers space for newcomers, hard tones beyond the chart mainstream and events of various projects. Where previously punk dominated, today you can also find HipHop, CrossOver, Techno and much more.

A creative, partly gay and lesbian cultural scene works here. The SO36 team is as diverse as its events. People from different areas and with different backgrounds have tried to build bridges and design a project together. The hall on Oranienstrasse has become an indispensable part of Berlin nightlife as a crowd puller and source of inspiration.

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1 March, 2022