Solving the human conflict, Our purpose.

By Daryl Khanda

Now, what is life? What is living? Is there a difference between living and survival? Are we the only existing intellectual race in the universe? Will life ever be fair or it’s not meant to be? Are we all born with a purpose or most of us are Non-playable characters (NPCs)? Do we live in a matrix?

So many questions about life. Not so many known answers. We question our existence on this earth. I once saw this stand-up comedian say that nothing in this life makes sense but we pretend it does. He gave an example of molecules, on how bread and humans are all made up of molecules, just different chemical compositions. Can you try to wrap your head around that? It’s complex, yet it’s simple. I’m a health practitioner/scientist by profession, and even the simplest of human physiological processes are so complex that the human mind can’t fully comprehend them, hence theories are brought forth. There’s so much we can’t explain, but we just know that we are alive.

What is the chance of being alive? Scientists say that the odds are 1 to 400 trillion. A million seconds is almost 12 days whilst a billion is 32 years, so you can imagine how big that 400 trillion number is. Yet most of us don’t know why we’re here. The world’s population is over 8 billion now, does being part of it make us feel special? Different races and cultures, different beliefs and religions, and different ways of living; we live in a world of so much complexity. Charles Darwin brought forth the theory of evolution, a fraction that aids in support of the Big Bang Theory, the beginning of everything. Urban myth says he confessed to Lady Hope on his deathbed that it was all a lie. What’s to believe in this world? A lot of experts also doubt the landing of the moon. Confusing times, it’s war or poverty, exploitation, and manipulation, it’s a mess and it’s our world.

We, as humans are conflicted. Intrapersonal conflict is a thing. Have you ever told yourself that you need to do something and you decide not to and when the time allocation for that given task passes you beat yourself over it? Then how can you expect not to have interpersonal conflicts between people with different interests? We live in a violent cold world where government officials make decisions that very much affect people that had nothing to do with those decisions, no need for examples. War has been a part of our history and it seems to be a part of our future as well. We need a miracle.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering where I’m trying to go with this. The answer is before your very own eyes, I’m not going anywhere. I’m just stating things you might know or do not know, knowledge is subjective anyway. What I’m trying to get to is the fact that we don’t have to figure out everything, and we can’t control everything. I sincerely do believe that there is a Higher Power that brought forth everything because the theory that existence made itself seems delusional, even from the basis of the explanations, there is so much that is unknown and not proven. Maybe it’s to show us that we as humans have limitations ? There are certain things we won’t be able to comprehend and fully know, and that is okay.

So if we aren’t here by mistake, then that means that all of us have a role to play, for ourselves and for everyone. The best that we can do is to do what we can and when we can. Every single life on this earth is valuable because not any one of us can bring forth life; we can only facilitate the process. How do we solve the human conflict? We can do so by bringing light into the world. Doing what we can and taking one step at a time. I believe the ultimate purpose of humans is for the betterment of its kind, life, and the world. That is a huge responsibility but it can be achieved by taking minor contributions to our environments and societies. Planting a tree, giving old clothes and food to the needy, paying your small contribution to the local charity, or to saving the environment. Talking to a friend and being there for them, helping the old citizens in your community, picking up litter, you name it. Any form of service to your community sows love and kindness to the world and that effect is replicated. I swear if you do a good deed for someone every day, your life will change. That’s how we can change the world. Next time pay something for a stranger without them asking. Donate something to the local orphanage. Cut your neighbor’s grass. Do something good and positive for someone and you’ll see how you’ll feel. You will feel purposeful and you’ll feel in charge of your life. You’ll have the will to live because life to you is so meaningful. It also helps one to be aware of the fact that they are a solution to a broken world. We need more solution providers to make the world a better place.

If you want love, sow love. If you want kindness, water kindness. If you want peace, give peace, and if you want purpose seek purpose. I hope you find this short story encouraging!

28 February, 2023