Stars and Seeds

By Fareshta

Each word in the dictionary is like a star
That enlightens our minds.
They have the power to change one’s life.
There once was a blind man who was looking for help with a sign
A passing girl changed his life by changing the words on the blind man’s sign.

Words have the power to sympathize.
There once was a cousin who fell in love. She had no sympathy to express her pain until one night before going to sleep, she calmed down by speaking words into the room. Night after night, she spoke these words, and one day she removed the negative people from her life and all her world became powerful words.

Words don’t expect anyone, and they don’t rely on anyone.
People don’t expect words to show them the wrong way, but to help them.

Words have magic like the wand of a fairy.
There once was a neighbor’s son who was worriedly passing by my side. I asked the reason for his discomfort. He answered, my family thinks that I am a weak and lazy boy. After talking with him for a while, I came back home. He saw me again a few days ago and thanked me for the words that made the page of his life colorful.

Words can heal the hearts and minds by sounds,
Like a mother whispering to inspire her child to sleep.
So grow one page at time
Expanding your mind
With the power of every new line.
Words are seeds
Plant them everywhere.

16 November, 2023