That one night that ruined my life

By Apio Irene
One night that ruined my life

“Based on a real story”

I am a young girl from one of the districts of Uganda. I was born into a middle class family that offered the best that they could. I am twenty three years old. I always wanted more than my family could afford. My target in life had always been getting a young handsome and rich man that could pay my bills. I always separated a poor man from a rich man by the way they dressed. I was always online looking into the profiles of the men who would send me friend requests.

One day, I found a friend request from a guy called Ivan on social media, and checked his profile picture. I found him so handsome and attractive. He looked tall, chocolate-colored, pink lips and dark eyes. I accepted his friend request, and he inboxed me. “Hey beautiful! I saw your profile and your looks caught my attention. Could we perhaps hang out one of these days.” I was over the moon with his text, I felt the most beautiful woman on earth. I replied, all excited. Definitely I wanted to hook up with him. He set up a date for us to meet and get to know each other in person. At first, I thought it was one of those social media bloggers because the guy was too good to be true.

One Sunday evening when we agreed to meet up, I got my outfits all ready for the evening. When it was a few hours for the date, I dressed up in my golden silk dress with my white pair of heels. Sprayed on my perfume and I was smelling so good. I put on makeup- fresh breath and my new weave.

He took me for lunch at one of the best hotels called golden tulip in Kampala city. After the dinner, he took me for drinks at Thrones, one of the best clubs there was. We had so much to drink and danced like I had never before. He rubbed my hand, made me laugh, and gave me these cute smiles. One thing led to the other.

I became so tipsy and we were dancing really close. We got sexually attracted that I wanted to have right that moment. But I said no to myself because I wanted him to make that move. He looked into my eyes and knew exactly what I wanted at that time so we left the club and went to his apartment. I stupidly fell so deeply in love. It was like I had known him for a long time. He took me to his apartment, made me feel comfortable and laid me on his bed. Ripped off my clothes and my body was shaking. I couldn’t wait to have him anymore. I took off his shirt and damn his muscles made me salivate. He kissed me passionately and I loved his aggression, strength, power and finally I gave in and grabbed his neck too. It felt so good as though it was my first time though it wasn’t. I had never been made to like that in my entire life. I knew it was wrong, but it felt good. I asked for protection, he said it was too late. I obeyed and didn’t disturb. He whispered to my eyes that he loves me and I didn’t hesitate to say I loved him too. He hit it nice and slow. Afterwards, he went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He helped me drink it, oooh man. I felt so special.

”He must be the one,” I thought to myself. I got dressed. He picked my bag and escorted me to the taxi park.
He kissed me on my cheeks and said, “Have a great time.” He gave me a good amount of money as my transport fare. I was over the moon that I had found a handsome man who could have money and would spend on me too. I smiled and said, “Thank you so much. See you, tomorrow babe.” He stays silent. My taxi drove away.

In the taxi, I couldn’t stop smiling. “I was so busy remembering the great sex that I couldn’t think of negative thoughts of not seeing him again. My mind was deep in the romance I had just had.”

I got home and inboxed him to say that I got home safe. He was online but didn’t reply. It was unlike him, so I inboxed him again, and he still didn’t respond. Minutes later, I couldn’t find him on my friend list. Only to find that he had blocked me. I was so disappointed that I didn’t eat for days because I thought I had found my soulmate. But he had just made a fool of me and used me. I tried getting in touch with him by calling and he had added my number to the blacklist. I went to his apartment and found that he had already left. Days, weeks, months passed by. There was still no sign of him anywhere. But I somehow managed to get over him. Little did I know that the most painful part was yet to come. I started feeling sick, weak, and I was losing so much weight. My mouth was so sore. I immediately went to the clinic. Got tested and minutes later, the nurse walked in and said; ”I’m sorry. You’re HIV Positive and Pregnant!”

”.HOW ?” I didn’t understand. I knew that HIV could not be cured and the only way to survive is to take the drugs for the rest of my life. It really hit me. I walked home very scared and confused. I blamed myself for being so stupid and trusting someone I had just met. I thought of killing myself so I went to the bus stop and laid hopelessly and emotionlessly. Waiting for a passing bus to run me over. I saw death coming nearer. I looked into the sky & mumbled a prayer. “Dear father in heaven. I know I have sinned against you.
I feel so lost without you. I turn to you Oh Lord God. I pray that you show me the way from now on.’’ A few minutes later after my prayers. I had a voice inside my head. “Life only ends once you die, but you can face anything and still come out strong as long as you’re still alive.” I got up so fast and thought of the innocent baby growing inside me. Six months later, my pregnancy was seven months old and after a scan at the hospital, I got to know that it was a baby girl.

I was still paying the price for my actions, as it was my fault to trust someone so blindly. Am alive physically but spiritually am not living. My only reason in this life now is to wait for my child to come into this world. I wanted to keep it because that was the only reason for me to live, otherwise my life would be meaningless. The baby was like a light coming to my dark world. It gave me reasons to wake up and work hard so that it doesn’t go through the same thing I went through. So that I can offer her the best life that I can and guide her so she never goes down the wrong path that I went through.

This is to all my precious valuable strong female readers out there. Do not follow the path I had taken! Live with all that is given to you in life. Stop Chasing Material Things. Stop chasing men who can pay your bills in exchange for sex and start working hard. Be a girl you want your daughter to be! To all the ladies. Live a life not a lie.

8 May, 2023