The Bicycle Taxi Man

By Habibi

Isiah supports his family by transporting goods and passengers on his bicycle. He spends the money he earns on sending his children to school as well as purchasing food, clothes, and housing for his family. Thanks to his honesty and excellent customer service, he is the preferred mode of transportation for both tourists and materials or commodities. He is a kind man with a caring heart who always goes out of his way to make his passengers feel comfortable and protected. He gets up early in the morning, cleans his bicycle, and checks that it is in good working order before beginning his daily duties. He is occasionally dispatched on an errand to transport a product across a vast distance, but he still does it since he is handsomely compensated. Even when it is raining heavily, he remains visible to make sure that he does not lose customers to the competition.

Tuesday, the market day, is one of his finest days. On this day, numerous individuals contact him to bring their goods to the market. Bags of grains, cartons of cooking oil, and bundles of garments are among the items he transports. He delivers these items on his bicycle. He’s madly in love with his bike. His bicycle was stolen one time, and it was the most terrible experience for him. He was in such a bad way that he began carrying his customers’ goods—bundles of sugar cane and other things—to the market himself.

He was so saddened by the loss of his bicycle. That day, hunger got the better of him and, as he was far from home, he entered a tearoom and bought one cup of tea and some bread, leaving his bicycle outside. After he finished the tea and bread, he discovered his bicycle had been stolen. He began looking for it and was relieved when he found it. However, when he tried to ride it again after two and a half weeks, it did not work properly. This made him upset since he had to utilize the little money he had saved to fix it. But he returned to work with a smile two days later. He customized his bicycle so that, even from a distance, everyone can see that it is his bicycle riding by.

His children have been able to attend school because of the money he earns from his job. He works hard to provide for his family, and he supports his children with all he has. His children have always been the most brilliant students in the class. Their instructor admires them for their intelligence and exemplary behavior. This has given Isiah the strength to continue fighting for his family, knowing that one day things will be better.

He rides his kids to school every morning on his bicycle. Even though the other children mock his children for being carried on a bicycle that is also intended for transporting commodities and other stuff, they are unconcerned. They have witnessed him as a dedicated father. Even when he was unemployed, Isiah was always there for his wife and children. He is not the sort of person who would walk away from his family in a difficult moment.

Isiah is a dedicated man who will not stop until he achieves his goals. He has always been there for his family, even when they were at their lowest. He’s been through a lot, yet he’s always managed to keep his head up and push forward. The world is fortunate to have people like Isiah who would go to any length to guarantee his family has food on the table.

30 January, 2023