The Cruel Woman

By George Arota
George Arota's stories

Mr. Chikondi and his wife had three children, a boy and two girls. People admired Mr. Chikondi. He was faithful to his wife and never fooled around with other women like some men do. One day, his wife instructed him to purchase some groceries at the Game store after work. As he was looking for groceries on the store shelves, Mr. Chikondi spotted a young woman, who acknowledged him with a smile. Mr. Chikondi returned her smile.

He ran into her again at the register, and she smiled at him again. She looked stunning, but since he was already married, Mr. Chikondi paid her no attention. While he was loading his groceries into the car, she walked by and bade him farewell. She was carrying her groceries in a jumbo bag, which indicated that she didn’t own a car and was taking the trolley instead. As Mr. Chikondi was leaving the Game store, he opened the window and enquired about her destination. They were both going in the same direction, so he offered her a ride.

Mr. Chikondi struck up a conversation with her while driving. Her name was Tionge and she said she worked for a government agency. They should become friends, Mr. Chikondi said. At first, Tionge was too shy to say anything in response, but eventually she agreed. They exchanged contact information, and Mr. Chikondi offered to pick her up the next day on the way to work.

Mr. Chikondi lived in Kawale 1, while Tionge lived in Kawale 2. To take her home, he had to drive past his exit. As they approached her house, Tionge asked if Mr. Chikondi could drive through the gate. Mr. Chikondi soon regretted agreeing to do so. Tionge instructed him to come and wait inside while she changed because it was a hot afternoon. She emerged wearing a beautiful and very revealing nightgown. Tionge saw that Mr. Chikondi was excited. She told Mr. Chikondi that he could touch her if he wanted since he kept staring at her. Mr. Chikondi fell into her trap.

After four months of romancing, Tionge became pregnant. Mr. Chikondi told her that she could not keep it because he was married. She said, “So if your wife was dead, I could keep it?” Mr. Chikondi said yes, without thinking too much of it.

Tionge said, “Okay.”

Two weeks later, Mr. Chikondi’s wife mysteriously passed out while cooking. His maid informed him over the phone that they had rushed her to the hospital. A few hours later, she died.

Mr. Chikondi learned from a witch doctor that Tionge was responsible for her death. “I didn’t give it any thought until the day after we laid my wife to rest, because I went to the traditional doctor,” he said.

Although his wife had passed away, Tionge did not ask Mr. Chikondi to marry her. She gave birth to a boy, who resembled Mr. Chikondi, but he only saw the baby in photos. Tionge did not allow Mr. Chikondi to see his son, and she got married to another man.

“I still don’t understand why she treated my wife the way she did,” Mr. Chikondi lamented. “I loved my wife. She was kind and innocent. I regret falling in love with Tionge because I lost my dear wife.”

3 November, 2023