The Cuisine Lab

By William Goat
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In November 2016, Dan Stein, a social entrepreneur, brought together Rene Bangert, a Community Specialist, and Sarah Hoibak, a former Chef and International Public Health Specialist, with a community of Genevois to host a welcome dinner for recently arrived asylum seekers and refugees. It was the occasion to celebrate friendship and diversity while learning about their culinary traditions and sharing a meal with communities of refugees and asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka, and Syria joining together. Cuisine Lab the association was born!

Cuisine Lab grew organically through a team of dedicated association members to become a social enterprise providing catering and event services by a team of passionate refugee chefs. After three years of incredible experiences and learnings, the association has matured into a hybrid platform that includes a training program for underemployed refugees and a work experience in a culinary enterprise.

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1 March, 2022