The Danger of Conflicts

By Assani Rajabu

One Thursday, I went to buy some meat at a well-known butchery in Lilongwe. I’m a regular because my friend works there. Since the meat they sell is fresh, many people refer to it as ” M’nofu butchery.” When I went inside, I immediately heard my friend and the owner arguing loudly about money. Normally, I don’t like to look at people arguing, but my friend was involved and I wanted to know what was going on.

I moved forward and heard they were having a disagreement over money. According to the employer, my friend didn’t show up for work as he promised. He asked my friend to give back the money he gave him. My friend refused, he said that he will never show up for work since he is being disrespected publicly. This made the employer much more angry, and he started insulting my friend.

The most dangerous thing was that the employer was drunk, and on top of that, he was holding a bottle of beer. Another man came in between them, and told them to stop. They didn’t listen. He insisted that they should part ways, and talk about it the next day when they are both calm, but instead of listening, the employer poured beer on the face of my friend. He got very angry and went outside. The employer followed him, trying to hit him with the bottle, but my friend ran for his safety.

The employer ran after him, and my grabbed a stone from the ground and hit him on the forehead. The employee fell down bleeding. People thought he had killed him. My friend ran away and no one knows his whereabouts. I also never heard from him to this day. The employer was brought to the hospital. I heard later that he was lucky his brain wasn’t injured. He is now doing fine and the case was taken to police.

I was disappointed to see grown up people fighting in public. They should set an example to the young, but they were giving a bad example of how to live with one another in society. I believe that no matter how much a person can be in conflict with another, fighting does not solve the problem but it increases the problem.

I was shocked at my friend being in conflict. I didn’t expect him to be involved, because of how peaceful I knew him to be. Whenever I would have a disagreement with him, he avoided me, which is something I didn’t see during his conflict with his boss. I was disappointed to see that side of him.

5 June, 2023