The Debauched Life after College

By Angelique Kwizera

During Manga’s study at Dowa Teachers Training College, she met a young lady who came to be her best friend. Her name is Chikondi. They were both studying in the same class where they were pursuing with a Diploma in Education. I can say that her friend was very brilliant since she always got A and B during the final exams that they were writing. Manga asked her the secret that she used to be passing the exams with flying colours and she told her that she does it through hard work and her husband is the one that inspires her to work hard. Apart from her husband being her motive, she also had a seven years old child that she wanted to take a good care of after achieving her diploma.

Surprisingly, life turned the opposite from what she expected after finishing her studies from Dowa Teachers Training College. She was applying for jobs but she would not be selected. She was a bit better off since her husband had a job and the salary that he was getting could cover them throughout the month. Her life kept becoming tough as the days went by. The company that her husband was working in became bankrupt. As a result, her husband could not continue to work at that company.

The very paining part is that her husband lost his job while Manga’s best friend was pregnant with her second child. Life became very tough and they did not have any ideas on how they would survive the emergency situation that caught their family. They both now started applying for jobs at different institutions but they could not be successful with their applications. Since the situation became very tough, they decided to sell their house and went to stay in the village. Manga’s best friend started regretting why she spent a lot of money going to school and she would not even secure a small job from the certificate that she got.

Getting daily bread was very hard for Manga’s best friend’s family. Her husband decided to go to South Africa since he had a passport and he had hope that he would get a job for him to support his family. The husband is the one who brought up the topic of leaving for South Africa while they were having lunch. The good thing is that Manga’s best friend understood the situation and the whole idea of her husband going to look for money elsewhere. So no one got upset over the other. After spending six months in Johannesburg, he started sending money to his wife and life started to change in a positive manner. Manga liked it that her best friend never gave up applying for different jobs. As of now, she found a job at Likuni Girls Secondary School in Lilongwe where she teaches biology and chemistry. Her family moved to the capital city and her husband from South Africa visits her once a month. She is now living a happy life compared to the one she was living in after completing her studies in college.

The couple sees each other once a month and they are happy with it. Though the couple is happily, they feel lonely sometimes and no one is there to cheer them up until the time the husband is back from South Africa. They decoded to sacrifice their happiness in order to pursue their professions. They understood that they were passing through tough times and the only choice they had was to sacrifice being there for each other physically and focus on bettering their future. Manga’s best friend has hope that one day she will be living with her husband and everything will go back to the way they were after they become financially stable.

9 June, 2023