The Fate of Laziness

By Clementine Charly
Clementine Charly's stories

Once upon a time, a community endured a protracted period of hunger. Famine came when the field was ready for planting and all the necessary preparations had been done. Members of this community planted a variety of seeds, including groundnuts, beans, rice, and many other varieties. However, a bug known as malaria kanagawa killed the tree embryo when the seeds reached the germination process and hindered plant germination. Though this pest was exceedingly small, the fact that it resembled a human face made it even more remarkable.

“Treacherous,” one of the farmers shouted.

“Truly treacherous,” one more shouted before entering the farm.

The leader apologized and asked the people:

“Famine? How is it possible, and who did this? Where will we go, and how are we going to feed our family, friends, and relatives? How are we going to tell the people about this when they have nothing to eat?”

Even though leaders were able to inform people of the impending famine, hunger nonetheless prevailed everywhere. Relationships between family members, friends, and other members of the community deteriorated. If parents found a little food they used it for themselves without sharing with their children. Moreover, most of the parents became very emotional around their family members. Divorce appeared as some of the parents were desperate to provide food to their children and decided to abandon their families. Children were chased from their own home and most of them left as refugees for unknown villages. Everyone in that hamlet was on their own during this severe time of hunger.

Lack of food is to blame for everything. The majority of the children in this town resembled mosquitoes and had large heads, large bellies, and little legs and arms. For the kids in that area, malnutrition became the norm; people were starving to death.

“What transgression have we made that God cannot pardon?” It was said.

“Despite all of our efforts, nothing has changed after four years,” another added.

“We prayed a lot and waited for God to answer, but there is still no sign of a response.”

This community contained members who had not worked to obtain food for the previous four years. They had been busy with the organized activities in their villages. Due to this, their king permitted them to simply steal and use food from nearby regions. As soon as the leader of the other village learned of it, he called an herbalist in his village to explain to him how their food had been stolen. And the herbalist told the king that he should select five men in his village, and they should go sleep at the graves for two days without clothes for them to get permission to meet the witch doctor. The king should go with them directly to the witch doctor but they should not visit their homes before going. And they should follow the voice that they would hear, as this would orient them.

The king and the five men did as they were told. While on their way in the woods, they heard a voice directing them and followed what it said. When they reached a certain place they were told to wait for further direction. But while there, they saw a sword hanging in the air pointing in one direction, meaning where the doctor was. Immediately they followed it. When they arrived, only their king was allowed to enter. Upon entering, the doctor said:

“My ancestors have told me about your problem. Therefore, order the punishment for those people and leave your sacrifice. Remember also that if they want peace you will be the one to bring what needs to be done for them to be forgiven.’’

‘’Thank you father, we order only starvation for that thieving village,’’ the king said.
‘’It is answered, but when you go do not look back,’’ the witch doctor warned.

And they did it successfully. Later on, when the cursed village knew the source of their starvation, they went to the other village for reconciliation. However, they stipulated that this practical decree would only be broken if the king of that village was assassinated. Unfortunately, the king of the village did not agree to die to save other people’s lives. Some villagers started throwing stones at the king for him to die so that they could get out of this calamity, and others fought to protect their king. Suddenly the other king said:

“If you kill him and he does not consent to die for you, you will still face the same problem. Rather, you should let him accept this duty from his heart.”

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the other king freed his mind and accepted to be assassinated to feed the population. But surprisingly, the other king said:

“You are not dying because you have shown a great love to your people. And I am very proud of this.”

These people came together and lived a peaceful and happy life as one family. Today, they live in harmony and share problems whenever it is needed.

22 February, 2023