The Golden Cat

By Elaha Armaghan

A long time ago, my older sister’s kitten got sick. It was heartbreaking. She took it to the veterinarian, but unfortunately it died. My sister was so sad and depressed. I was still young, and really wanted another cat, but my father didn’t allow us to have pets at home anymore.

One summer morning, I heard the sound of a kitten from the backyard of our house. I looked through the window of the room and saw a sad and pleasant scene.

There was a very beautiful kitten, left alone by his mother. The kitten was calling for his mother with a weak voice, saying he was hungry but his mother was not there. He was so beautiful, sweet and lovely and shining with his golden and white furs. I asked my mother, “Please let this beautiful kitten be with us.”

My mother agreed and my father gradually accepted the kitten too. We brought milk and cheese for him every day, and slowly the hungry little kitten got stronger and bigger.

Days passed and we became more and more interested in the golden kitten. I called him Talai because he was white and golden. After a few months, my family moved to a new house and we took Talai with us.

The days we spent with Talai were good, happy and memorable. Whenever I returned from school, he slept in front of the door, and after finishing my homework, I played with him. My family members were not happy with our new house, so they decided to move to a new house again. The day of moving came, and it ended up becoming one of the worst days of my life. I went to the new house with my brother but my parents and sisters did not come yet.

“She will bring Talai with herself,” my sister said. It was evening when everyone arrived at our new house. My sister had a closed basket in her hand. I was so happy and excited because I thought Talai was inside, but my sister was sad. I didn’t pay attention and took the basket from her.

I opened the basket. It was empty and Talai was not there. “Where is Talai?” I asked.

Everyone just looked down and said nothing. “Where is Talai?” I asked again with a spiteful voice.

“When we put Talai in the basket,” my mother said, “he got very scared and suddenly he ran away into the street. He went in a hurry and we couldn’t catch him.”

It was a terrible day because my golden cat was no longer with me. He was very polite and sweet. Now that 10 years have passed I still remember Talai. Every time I see a cat, I remember him and that’s why I don’t have any feelings for cats anymore, because no cat can ever take Talai’s place.

27 April, 2023