The Green-Eyed Monster

By Sadock Mahuku

David grew up in a small village with his friends. They all went to the same primary school and enjoyed playing together. As they grew up, life changed for all of them. David didn’t finish school but instead decided to venture into business by opening a small boutique. However, the business didn’t work out and David ended up in poverty. Meanwhile, David’s friends all finished school and got good jobs. They were able to travel the world and even go to America to complete their studies.

David was very jealous of his friend’s success. He started to create false stories about them to defame them. He would also insult and shout at them whenever they came to visit him.

One day, David’s friends had enough. They confronted him about his behavior and told him that they were no longer friends with him. David was devastated. He realized that he had let his jealousy get the best of him. He apologized to his friends and begged for their forgiveness. They eventually forgave him, but David knew that he had to change his ways. David’s friends were so kind and generous that they even offered to help him start his own business. They gave him capital and advice, but David wasn’t satisfied. He wanted more. He took their help as his motivation to be more jealous.

David started to resent his friends for their success. He thought that they were rubbing it in his face. He started to spread rumors about them and sabotage their businesses. David could spread rumors about his friends’ businesses, such as saying that they are not reliable or that their products are of poor quality. He could also try to poach their customers by offering them discounts or other incentives. Finally, he could even try to sabotage their businesses by vandalizing their property or stealing their trade secrets David’s friends were hurt and confused. They didn’t understand why David was being so mean to them.

One day, David’s friends had enough. They confronted him about his behavior and told him that they were no longer friends with him. David and his friends were sitting in a bar. They had been friends since they were kids, but David had been acting differently lately. He was always negative and he seemed to be jealous of their success. Finally, one of his friends spoke up.

“David,” they said, “we need to talk.”

David looked up at them, his eyes full of anger.

“What do you want?” he snapped.

“We’ve all noticed that you’ve been acting differently lately,” they said.

“You’re always negative and you seem to be jealous of our success. We’re your friends, David, and we’re worried about you.”

David scoffed. “Jealous? Of you? Please,” he said. “I’m not jealous of anything you have.”

“Then why have you been so negative lately?” they asked. “You’re always putting us down and it’s starting to get to us.”

David sighed. “I’m just going through a tough time,” he said. “I don’t need you to lecture me.”

“We’re not lecturing you,” they said. “We’re just trying to help.”

“I don’t need your help,” David said. “I can handle this on my own.”

“We’re not going to leave you alone until you talk to us,” they said.

David glared at them. “Fine,” he said. “What do you want to talk about?”

“We want to talk about why you’re acting like this,” they said. “We want to know what’s going on.”

David sighed again. “I’m just feeling lost,” he said. “I don’t know what I want to do with my life.”

“That’s understandable,” they said. “We’ve all been there. But you can’t give up. You have to keep fighting.”

“I don’t know how,” David said.

“We’re here to help you,” they said. “We’ll walk with you every step of the way.”

David looked at them for a long moment. Finally, he nodded. “Okay,” he said. “I’ll let you help me.”

The friends smiled at each other. They knew that it would be a long road, but they were determined to help David get through it. David was devastated. He realized that he had pushed his friends away and that he was all alone. David was finally ready to change his ways. He realized that he had been wrong to be jealous of his friends. He apologized to them and begged for their forgiveness. They eventually forgave him, but David knew that he had to earn their trust back.

David worked hard to rebuild his friendships. He started by being kind and supportive. David could show his kindness by helping his friends out in some way. For example, he could offer to help them with their businesses or he could simply be there for them as a friend. By showing his kindness, David could start to rebuild their trust. He stopped spreading rumors and sabotaging their businesses. David’s friends were impressed by his change in behavior. They slowly started to trust him again.

David and his friends are now closer than ever. They have learned to appreciate each other’s success. They know that they can always count on each other, no matter what

6 July, 2023