The Irresponsible Man

By Huseni

The Irresponsible Man

It was amazing and sweet when in my life I found a caring and kind man named Daniel. He had a charming smile that could light up a room and a wit that left me spellbound. Feelings began to grow between Daniel and me. We were drawn toward one another. We had fun hanging out together, and soon I was in deep love. Happiness turned into disappointment and pain later on. 


One summer evening, as we strolled hand in hand through a picturesque park, I told Daniel “I am pregnant and you are the father of the child.” “What?” he asked with a frown. “I am pregnant and you are the father of the child.” I repeated, “Oh that great news, I’m so happy.” but one would see that he was stressed with the information. It didn’t take long Daniel revealed to me that he had been offered a once-in-a lifetime job opportunity in another country. 


He spoke excitedly about the prospects, the adventures that awaited him, and the promising future that lay ahead. But my heart sank as I realized Daniel was cooking this story just to leave me and the pregnancy; he was not considering my feelings or our relationship; he was not willing to change his decision no matter what. As he brought up and left shortly after learning of the pregnancy, I became aware of that.


Soon after that day as I was still living with my parents, I called Daniel but there was no answer and I got the message from the system. I felt so disappointed. I went to his place but he was not there, and the house was empty; he was not where to be seen. I didn’t know what to do, I disclosed what had happened to my parents who got furious and scolded me for what I had put myself into. I didn’t believe that the man I loved had chosen to run away to another country, leaving me alone with a baby in my belly.


Time passed and my belly grew. I faced the daunting task of navigating pregnancy and impending motherhood without the support of the man I thought I could depend on. My friends and family rallied around me, offering their love and encouragement, but the void left by Daniel’s absence lingered.


Determined to create a stable and nurturing environment for my child, I channeled my inner strength. I continued my education and found solace in the power of knowledge. The library became my sanctuary, offering an escape from the harsh reality I faced. I devoured books on motherhood, “Child development”, and “The strength of single mothers throughout history.” I drew inspiration from their stories, reminding myself that I, too, could conquer any obstacle.


With each day passing, my resilience grew stronger. I attended prenatal classes, surrounded myself with supportive women, and built a network of mothers who shared their experiences and wisdom. I discovered the immense power and love that resided within me, fueling my determination to provide the best life possible for my child.


As seasons changed once more, my anticipation reached its peak. It did not take long. On a friday evening I was in labor, neighbors helped me and took me to the hospital. I gave birth to a baby girl. I held my precious baby girl in my arms. I named her Angel because she was an angel to me. It was so painful that Daniel was not there. After two days I was discharged from the hospital having to take care of my baby alone. Angel coming to my life gave me much joy  that made me forget the pain of Daniel’s departure. I vowed to be the guiding light in my daughter’s life, to teach her when grows up a little the importance of not giving up, being optimistic, being self-reliant, and having compassion.


Years passed, and I watched my daughter grow into a remarkable young woman. She was so courageous, standing up for her friend being bullied. She is honest, she always tells the truth. Whenever she had homework, she would not do other things until she had completed her homework. 


One fateful day, a letter arrived at my door. It was from Daniel. I was surprised, and I was happy to receive the letter after 7 years without communication. I was happy to know that he was alive and still remembered me. “I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me. I regret putting you through too much grief and struggle. I was very foolish to abandon you. Give me another chance, please, to be a decent father and husband to you and angel.” These words from the letter made me happy and willing to forgive him.


I felt a range of emotions when I read the letter. I was going to forgive him and return to Danile. I found it difficult to forget the pain he had caused me. I spent seven years by myself with Angel. I found it difficult to forget all the hurt he had caused while around him. I would, however, hate for my daughter to grow up without a father figure in her life. In order to offer Angel the joy of having a father’s love, I had to set aside my emotions. After Daniel and I made amends and got back together, Angel got her father’s love and began spending time together playing games in free time.


15 August, 2023