The Love Entanglement 3

By Christopher Vans


This was the final year of senior secondary school and everything was going smoothly between Liny and l. Speaking of Steve, her brother, we made great progress in our friendship and in our club too, this time Steve and l became genuinely close friends, not the way we started as an excuse of reaching Liny.It was great getting to know him personally as a friend other than a pass ticket to his sister. On Social Day and School Environmental Day we were all going to perform. This was during the second term of our final year in senior secondary school. We were all excited about these events and completing the second term. Steve and I, we were rehearsing four times a week, two times at the club center and two times at their place.

For some time we enjoyed our freedom and then Liny’s parents returned from their long business trips, again we had to go back to square one of playing hide and seek for some time. I had to minimize the times that I went to see her. After exams were done something was off . Liny would not call or text me back, I tried to call her brother and Steve was away on holidays. I had to find the means of knowing what was going on and with Steve away it was really hard to visit thus the best option was reaching out through Liny’s friend Deborah who would go see her frequently. Later on she found out that Liny was on curfew and grounded for staying late at a friend’s birthday party. Well, we had to find a way to make it work, therefore, as normal, we talked over it and we decided to move with the change until her grounding was over.

That is when I realized that Aunty Aline could be tough too at times and that came as a huge surprise because I had become a frequent visitor, having our little dates at their home.When we were done for the night she offered to drive me back home but never did I expect her to have interest in me. Because on the night of the end of Ramadhan Liny was going to see her grandmother, her half-naked Aunt kissed me and asked me if I could join her in bed. I was shocked, not because I was just a 19-year old boy who was in his final year or perhaps because I was asked out for sex by a woman in her 30s and the fact that she knew that I was dating her niece and still she got her courage to ask me to get involved with her. It was uncomfortable, to me she was more of a parent I mean, at least for both Liny and I. I could not get involved because that was totally against my values and everything about how I was raised. Well, I had to respectfully decline the offer, and I couldn’t focus on anything as I was still in shock. I didn’t think twice because the only thing that could ring a bell in my head was going home. At this time, as much as I don’t like to admit it, the only person that was on my mind was my grandmother. I suddenly missed her, perhaps because she was always there for me whenever I needed a granny or a friend but certainly because she was my guardian angel. I really needed her to save me at that moment.

That night felt like the longest night in my life and seemed as if I was having a nightmare.But one thing for sure disturbed my mind; the fact that meeting the Aunty I respected would definitely be uncomfortable for me, because I couldn’t imagine her wanting to be involved with me sexually. Also for the fact that I will have to tell Liny, what is going on and which would definitely break their family relationship too. I had some big choices to make but I couldn’t lie. I was really depressed with the whole bizarre situation. From a man’s perspective, reflecting on this moment I can say that Aunty Aline had everything that a man would want, beautiful, smart, sexy and independent, all in one but she lacked manners. That is after spending 2 years in college and analyzing her.

This would be exciting to most individual men but one thing she did not have was what Liny and I had, a strong love bond that inspired everyone. But I guess this was a temptation that was coming for us, at least me because I was the target and young enough to lose myself.

One day,she kissed me while Liny watched us across the road. I didn’t what to do and I panicked. Liny didn’t talk to me and after weeks of silence, the only message she sent was “I love you just enough not to share you with my Aunty” and that moment I knew what she meant.

3 July, 2023