The Love Entanglement

By Shumy


It was during our junior high school when we were just young and innocent, we didn’t know much about love and societal class, however, we did know what we felt and how it felt like. It was strange how all those new students to the school felt strangely close to each other as if we have known each other for a while. She was my classmate and my table neighbor. I don’t know how and when it started but all I remember is that she moved from her table and joined me at the table. She was quiet and naïve and beautiful.  The whole class knew that she was a star but she was the only person who was not aware of this. We were complete opposites, I was never quiet in class, was smarter and ‘nothing or no-one could bother me anyhow’. So until now I really don’t understand why she moved away from her table to my table, because I was not the most handsome or charming boy, the opposite was actually true. So what she really saw in me that she chose to sit next to me still baffles me up to this day.

At first I was uncomfortable because she brought unnecessary attention to my table and it couldn’t give me a chance to be myself, at least ‘the trouble me’. At first I couldn’t notice why all of a sudden It could be caught easily when I caused trouble, it never occurred to me that maybe my guard was down and little did I realize that Liny,  was like a light next to me that now everyone could see me across the classroom that even the teachers could now notice when I made troubles. I won’t lie that I didn’t notice her beauty, but one thing I did know for sure was that I didn’t care about her. First term went by she went back home for holidays and so did I, and as always despite my troublesome record my academic performance was impressive, I didn’t care about my grades but I cared about being in the top 5 so I always made sure my name was second or third because being first in class also attracted unnecessary attention from teachers trying to set me into some debate club yet I loved art performance

 Opening of the second term was a little strange, she was friendly to me and I could tell she wanted to spend more time with me especially during break time, and if she wasn’t with me she would definitely be in the library. She started being nice to me as days went by, and little did she know that she was also becoming like me “troublesome” . I guess it’s true that you can’t tie a good goat next to the bad one. I was still getting in trouble with the teachers even when I wasn’t the one who threw the spears, getting punished because of her and I got mad at her every now and then but that did not last long, perhaps because during break time she could apologize to me with good snacks and bad jokes she had copied from me or perhaps I had developed a weak spot for her without realizing it?. As we reached mid-term she had now become my right hand partner in causing trouble, now we were a team even the teachers noticed the change too. We started getting in trouble together and getting punished together, and we didn’t know how close it brought us. By the end of the second term she has also started adapting my studying style. This time she also improved in her grades and moved up to top 30 from 40 in the class, while I maintained my position at 3. Went back home for the holidays but this time she could call me during holidays, stayed on the phone talking about nothing until data runs out but didn’t care because she was from the upper class and buying data was not much of a problem to her.  And by the beginning of the third term we  became famous throughout junior and senior high school without us knowing but we both by now were smitten with each other. 

It was by then hard to have my name in trouble without hers we have become recognizable that our voices were the most known in the whole class and the whole school to them we were the Romeo and Juliet. And well, we loved getting in trouble together and the more we loved spending more time with each other, and by now the teachers tried to separate us to different tables but to no avail. And by the end of the third term even her whole family had noticed how changed she had become and they all blamed it all on me especially her parents but their siblings loved me for it because I changed their sister from the boring indoor locked room sister to more free and happy sister. However, it all didn’t play well on my side because I received a warning and restriction order from her parents in collaboration with the school committee almost everyone was against me or us at least she thought. But little did they know me being in this trouble was the high road to clicking the climax of our feelings for each other. And by now our feelings exploded that it was like a drug addiction and couldn’t manage staying away from each other, but for fear of getting us expelled we had to be meeting before others go for break time and during lunch hour just when everybody was focused on food.


28 February, 2023