The Loyal Wife

By Amparo

Vicky was a beautiful young woman with an amazing,kind and generous heart.She made friends with people very easily and loved to help those in need whenever she could. She helped people by giving them food, clothes and sometimes money.Vicky wasn’t aware that her inside beauty which radiated outwards had captured Samuel’s heart. He had seen Vicky on her way from the local supermarket and he was beyond mesmerised.

Gathering the guts to approach Vicky seemed to be a huge task. Samuel had never been the most confident boy growing up and Vicky being the girl every boy dreamed of having didn’t help much. After watching multiple Youtube tutorials on how to talk to a girl, Samuel finally approached Vicky. One day,he couragesly walked up to her and asked her out she agreed, it was not long until they were dating and 3 months later Samuel proposed to Vicky who happily agreed. After the marriage the two decided to move to a new apartment.They searched for it and Vicky paid.Vicky and Sam were happy to put their efforts into making it this house a home together.

Not quite long, Vicky became pregnant. A prayer which she could say was answered because she had always wanted to be a mother and couldn’t wait to tell Samuel when he got home from work. Vicky told him when he got home, he wasn’t so excited to hear about the news.”Well, I guess I’ll have to give up my studies,” because he had been studying part time in order to get a business degree but with the news of the baby on the way he thought that he would have to give up his dreams in order to get a full time job to provide for his family.

Vicky came up with an idea so he wouldn’t give up his education, she set him up a profile on an online job site. Vicky had a skill in design and architecture, infact she had renovated the entire apartment on her own so she thought perhaps she could help her husband in the same way.

The business started off slow but after a few contracts had gone successfully and the young woman began to make a lot of money, four months passed Vicky had managed to save up quite a sizeable amount of money for the arrival of the baby.

One day, Samuel came back home and was looking exhausted, Vicky told him that he should quit his job and focus on studying full time since she was making a decent living that could support them. Samuel was so happy and accepted the offer, the couple was so happy they could spend time together now that her husband didn’t have to go to work.

As fate may have it, Samuel’s mother Esther had a fall and injured her hip and he decided to move his parents to his house without discussing with his wife to which Vicky agreed that it wasn’t a bad idea and that she understood that they should find a new place to live where his the four of them could comfortably live.Samuel grinned and went ahead the next day to bring his parents.

Samuel and his parents went out the next day to view houses that might be suitable for them, Vicky loved a small cottage that had enough space for all of them and wasn’t expensive but Samuel and his parents weren’t interested in it instead they decided they wanted a large and expensive house for which she paid but the receipt was on Samuel’s name. It wasn’t long after Vicky came to regret her decisions allowing them to move in with them the in-laws were completely rude to her and bossed her around like she wasn’t their son’s wife.

Samuel began distancing himself from Vicky. He now came back home later than usual and fewer conversations were being held between by the newly married couple. She tried airing out her concern about Samuel’s parents’ rudeness which he dismissed.It wasn’t quite long Samuel graduated from college with a degree in business, he quickly found a job in a nearby firm it didn’t pay a lot but it gave him some money to spend on what he wants like clothes and shoes.

Not long Vicky delivered her baby, Samuel’s parents complained that she should quit her job and pay attention on her baby and house work. Samuel told his wife to stop her job but she refused because she felt accomplished in her work, the husband didn’t like the idea that the wife earned more than him and if anyone was to find out he would be a laughing stock.

One day, Vicky was fed up with her in-laws frequent complains,she left the house to take a walk in the park. She saw Samuel and hid because he was walking along the park with a lady hugging and kissing her, she took pictures of them but never asked her husband. That night at the dinning table when the whole family was eating, Samuel told his wife that he wasn’t interested in their marriage anymore, that she had changed a lot in the way she looked after her pregnancy and his parents agreed that she would just sit all day on her computer and she was just lazy claimed her father Andrew, Vicky couldn’t believe it.

“What of the baby?” Vicky asked. “I want you to leave and I don’t want anything to do with the child!” Samuel shouted.Vicky cried and went upstairs, packed her bags, left that night to her parent’s house who stayed not too far from her once marital home. She explained everything to her father who had a law firm. Vicky’s father assisted her in filing for a divorce. Part of the divorce letter to Samuel which said he needed to pay money for the baby and cheating on his wife. Samuel was too stunned about how they knew about his affair.

When they got to the court, Vicky brought out all the pictures as evidence against Samuel who didn’t have a leg to stand on and had to pay the agreed amount which was a lot of money for the upkeep of the child and as well as the lawyer fees.

After the divorce everything quickly went downhill for Samuel who was fired by his boss for sleeping with the secretary who happens to be his wife. The apartment became too expensive for his maintenance and he had to sell it forcing him to move into a tiny home with his parents who would complain everything he did was not enough. Vicky was disgusted that he didn’t ask about his baby and told him she is also down and hung the call.

Vicky was so happy the way things turned out to be for her husband like a fairy tale and said to herself “all that matters is my son”.

16 August, 2023