The Orphan’s Cry

By Theogene Habimana
The orphan's cry

The Orphan’s Cry

The world seems to have flipped on my head. Losing the only of my family I had. I lost my mother when I was five years old; I don’t recall feeling stressed since I was too young to comprehend what was occurring. I moved in with my father after that. Both a father and a mother were simultaneously portrayed by him. The care and love I was given and shown by my father made me not focus on the absence of my mother. I continued to find comfort and enjoy life with my single father until the universe decided to punish me.

Pains and sorrows are now a regular part of my existence. I was saddened by my father’s passing, and occasionally I wonder why I’m living. My father was okay until he was diagnosed with Cholera. He was taken to the hospital but he didn’t make it as it was too late. I was always comforting myself that I can’t change what has happened, I just understood that I am entering a new phase of life and must do so with the expectation of a better  day ahead even though losing my beloved is the worst pain ever. For a period of time I had to take counseling sessions. Now I am my own mother, father, sister, and brother. I don’t have someone to confide in, thus my problems are my problems. You could ask whether I don’t have any relatives-uncles, aunts, etc. In short, I do have them.

My father’s siblings have been helpful to me being raised  by a single parent. I was given the moniker “Angel” by my uncles and aunts; they never called me Esther. They treated me like a close family and truly gave me the angelic feeling. My aunties would take me for walks and even take me on a trip to the Red Zebra Lodge and have fun at the lake while my father was away at his daily tasks in order to provide food for me. I was happy, but I didn’t realize it was just fleeting. Soon after my father’s passing, everything changed.

My kind uncles and aunties turned into monsters. I regret that my father didn’t leave his resources to me before entering heaven and of course I was too young to handle and take care of the materials. All the house, goat,and his poultry farm were divided among his family members, notwithstanding the fact that their deceased brother left a daughter behind. I was shunned by everyone I knew to be my family, even the home my father owned, and my fate remained in God’s hands. Due to this, I was made homeless by a 17-year-old girl. I was without a home for three months, staying in unfinished buildings. I went through difficulties, I had to pick rags to wear from trash in order to keep myself warm, and whenever I’m hungry, I would walk from house to house begging for food to eat, and people who felt pity for me would give me food. Thank God that I never fell sick in these difficult times.

Thank God for keeping me safe from harm. My parent’s ghosts seem to have been keeping an eye on me. This difficult circumstance was short-lived, though, as kind people updated my account. I occasionally question whether my parents didn’t alter my life narrative by reincarnating as these kind individuals. For so long, I had prayed for better times, but today I believe that God has heard my cries and given my parents to me in a new way. I now live with foster parents who love me dearly in a place I can call home. It was a miracle, through walking from house to house begging for food to eat; I met these good samaritans instead of giving me food to go and eat. They invited me to the dining table and we ate together. After eating they asked me questions about my life and situation which made them feel sorry for me and decide to take me as their child. They took their request to adopt me to the community leader and they were granted their request. Since my father passed away, I have returned to my former life as a princess.

My studies have progressed, and I recently finished completing my last senior high school examinations. I’m sure I’ll get high grades and go into a university. My goal of becoming a dentist will soon be realized. Night time was always the best time to communicate with my deceased parents. Whenever the moon was visible, I would feel as if my parents were looking at me. I would take this moment to tell them my sufferings and talk of how much I miss them. However, till now I still do so. The moon represents my parents. Whenever I see the moon I imagine and feel the presence of my dead parents.



19 January, 2023