The Pastor Who Was Known as a Devil Turned Out to Be a Saviour

By Apio Irene

John, a pastor at Namugongo Cathedral, was known for hunting down ladies of the night, after which they disappeared. Nobody knew why the women never returned to prostitution. In fact, many people thought he was sacrificing them or using them for money rituals. Consequently, few people went to his church, but he did not mind. He kept picking those girls up every single night. And he always had a target in mind when he went out.

It was a Saturday night and he had done his research on his next prey, Eunice. A beautiful young girl from a poor background, Eunice was trying to earn money to treat her mother’s illness. The pastor knew she would be an easy target because she was not from the world of prostitution.

“How much is a night with you my child?” the pastor asked.

Startled, Eunice replied, “I, I don’t know. It’s my first time today. The girls said the average price was three hundred thousand shillings,”

“Take it and come with me.” The pastor pulled out three hundred thousand shillings and asked her to follow him.

“Hey, new girl! Be careful! The girls who left with him all disappeared! He pretends to be a saint, but he’s quite a devil,” one of the prostitutes shouted.

Terrified, Eunice looked at Father John, then at the bills in her hands. “I will give you more, just come with me,” said the pastor, who was desperate to take her.

Eunice urgently needed money. Her mother was seriously ill. On top of that, she and her mother could be evicted from their house at any moment for not paying rent. The pastor brought Eunice to his house and took her straight to his bedroom.

“I have an evening liturgy now, but I will be back in an hour. Take a shower and wait for me here. Just don’t go up to the attic.” Father John left.

Eighteen-year-old Eunice looked at the bed in his bedroom in horror. She realized she couldn’t sell her body, not for any price. She went to the front door but couldn’t open it. It was locked. She frantically looked for the key but couldn’t find it anywhere. Instead, she found a stack of photographs in a chest of drawers. There were some pictures of young girls. Each photograph had a date and a red cross on it.

These were probably the girls who had disappeared, Eunice thought. Were these the dates of their deaths? Lord, yesterday’s date is on this girl’s photo! What have I gotten myself into?

She tried to get out through the window. But it turned out there were bars on the window. So she decided to try and escape through the attic. But as soon as she grabbed the door handle, she heard a voice behind her.

“Stop! I asked you not to go up there. Only I can enter this door.” The pastor stopped her.

But Eunice did not listen to the pastor and opened the door. She was shocked by what she saw in the attic. There was a photo of Eunice and her sick mother on the wall. There was an inscription in the middle: “Might be the next one. She needs money very badly.”

“Why did you follow me? Are you a serial killer? I am calling the police!”

“You will regret it. Better put down your phone.”

Suddenly, Eunice saw something flash in his hand. He went to the table with it and then headed towards Eunice. He was coming closer and closer, but Eunice didn’t know where to run. There were even bars on the attic window. She had no way of escaping. Eunice was so distressed that she passed out. When she woke up, she saw a girl in front of her. Suddenly she recognized her as one of the girls in the photographs.

“Aren’t you dead? I saw the date of your death,” asked Eunice, who was in shock.

“Are you talking about the photo? That was the date of my sinful life. Thanks to Father John, I have a new life now. He saved me and dozens of other girls.”

On that day, Eunice’s life changed forever. She joined the church choir and gave her life to Christ.

23 August, 2023