The Perfect Moment

By Habibi
The Perfect Moment

The Perfect Moment

I never liked love songs, most of the time I would turn on my radio, connect my phone via bluetooth and play songs with no love message in them, to me I felt like the words of love in songs and even when people talk were adding chill in the wound I had due to the disappointment I experienced from the lady I loved so much. I had gone through deception from the person I never expected would deceive me. She was the one I had decided to spend the rest of my life with, I loved her with all my heart. Most of the time I would take a vacation to a nice place in Salima at the red zebra lodge where we would spend 2 days. She was not employed so from my salary I would give her 30%. I planned birthday parties for her, I paid school fees for her little sister in Kindergarten.  


I was very close with her, every time I wanted to do something, I would ask for her opinion. Even when I want to buy a cloth I would ask her to choose for me. She is beautiful, she has amazing big eyes, clear brown skin, and natural long black hair. Her smile was very captivating, seeing her diastema would make me want to always see her smile. When we saw each other she would smile, her dimple would appear making her look so cute. Every time when we could get into a conversation I could gaze at her beautiful eyes. I loved Janette so much. 




 Every weekend we would go hiking together and sometimes just go to the lake to have fun, holding hands, tapping on her nose and her on her forehead was enjoyable. I felt like a bird in the sky spreading its wings and enjoying the fresh air. We could walk in the streets,holding hands, and most of the time escort her to the market. A day would not pass without me seeing her, I would feel  very troubled, and not happy if a day passes without seeing her. Most of the time she would say “I love you, you are the best reward life gave me.” I enjoyed hearing these words from her. 


It was on a Saturday afternoon when she came to me having issues with her phone. She told me about her phone raising network. I took her phone and went to the settings and adjusted the network setting soon after messages popped up, and so many missed calls and messages containing romantic words that were not from me showed up. I froze a bit while my heart started beating fast, my hands were shaking, my energy got drained. I was left speechless, “Who is the guy sending you love messages?” I asked her; she stayed quiet while failing to look me in the eyes. She said in a low voice “it is my ex, my ex and I have gotten back together I’m very sorry.” I felt heartbroken that I just said “It’s over between us.” 


However, this pain was a transition to the best things to come. I spent two years hating love stories, I was never interested in conversation about love. This was so intense, I would not spend even two minutes at a place where love is the topic of discussion. One evening in my room my friend Hassan said “man love is beautiful, there is nothing more than being in love” he said. I felt very irritated and told him “I’m not interested to hear any about love, let’s talk of other things” I said. We changed the topic and started discussing football.  I would change the topic so that we would talk about things that have nothing to do with love stories until one day I met this amazing lady, Esther. The way we met was a miracle, I never expected to meet such a lovely woman. It was one evening I had gone to visit my friend’s family, chilling with my friend’s sisters, it was just a normal day. I was called by my friend’s father and introduced to a lady called Esther who was there.


“She is a quiet girl, she does not like talking too much. Whenever she is wrong she quickly apologizes. She loves going to church, she goes to church 3 days a week. She is a multitasking kind of person. She never feels bad or overwhelmed with many tasks to complete during the day. It was my first time meeting such a kind of lady.”


 She was still new in Malawi as she came from DR.Congo as she did not know her street well. James’ father after introducing me to Esther, told me “Can you escort this lady to her home.” “Yes I can,” I replied. I did not deny it, I felt honored to escort this beautiful lady. I accepted the escort as it was night time and being new and not knowing well the place made it not safe for her to walk alone, especially evening hours.


I accepted and escorted her, on the way to her home both of us were quiet. In my mind I was not sure if she was feeling comfortable around me. She was so quiet and I was failing to break the silence until I man up and asked her “Do you like Malawi mostly Dzaleka Refugee camp?” I got to hear more of her sweet soft voice when she said to me “I’m happy to be here in Malawi, this country is warm and people are too kind, I like this place.” We chatted and laughed till I reached her home. “You can come in,” she said with a smile on her face. I felt so happy and nervous at the same time to be invited to enter her home.  “Next time I will, I have to go back home.” I replied. I did not feel comfortable to meet the rest of the family at that moment so I declined the invitation.


After that evening I never saw Esther for a while. Funny enough I could not even remember her home nor her face as it was night time and there was not enough light at my friend’s home when we first met. We spent almost a month without seeing each other. I went to my friend’s church called Nazarene for the youth service, in this service youths follow teachings  and discuss topics specifically for youths. In the “youth service” I saw this beautiful lady. In my mind I asked if it was Esther or not but I wasn’t sure. After the youth service the beautiful lady approached me and asked me “do you remember me”, I replied “I’m not sure if you are the one I escorted during the night some weeks ago.”


“I’m confusing you with this one lady I escorted at night a month ago.” She smiled and said “yes, I’m the one you escorted.” She reminded me her name was Esther which I had forgotten and I was amused that she never forgot my name. “ I’m delighted to meet you again.” She said, “ I’m delighted to meet you too” I replied. From this day my love journey with Esther started. 


It did not take me long to introduce Esther to my family as the woman I would love to spend the rest of my life with. My family was happy to see this beautiful girl I introduced to them. On this day we had a very nice vegetable soup prepared by mom. “Your mom is a good cook”  she whispered in my ears after enjoying the soup. 


Esther has made me thank God for the deception I got from Janette as it paved a way for me to be my soul mate. Otherwise, I would miss the beautiful moment in my life. I cannot imagine my life without Esther. Now my life is full of joy. She makes me feel happy every time I am with her. 


Every morning when I wake up, sending her greetings with love emojis and receiving from her a reply of love emojis delights my day. During the day in our free time we would play checkers on my phone. Most of the time I could win her but sometimes also I could deliberately win her to keep the balance. Indeed, the day I went to visit my friend’s family and met Esther; it was the perfect moment! 

11 August, 2023