The Prophesy Wife

By Umurisa Claudine

Everything started when I came back from South Africa. I had been there for five years, and had saved enough money so I returned to Malawi to open up a small clothing business. Every Sunday I went to church to worship God. My friend Jonathan introduced me to a prayer group. I started joining the prayer sessions every evening from 6 pm to 8 pm. It was a great experience. I felt very close to God, and prayed to him every evening to find a very good wife, a woman who would accept me for who I am. Prophecy would come on what needs to be done, such as fasting and other messages from God.

Both men and women were part of the prayer group. We served God together. We’d go to the mountain to pray and organize door-to-door evangelism. The leader of the group was a very spiritual and powerful man. One day I decided to talk to him about my need for a wife.

A week later, the group leader told me that God had revealed the woman who befitted me. Sandrine, who was in the prayer group, was to be my wife. I had a lot of doubts, but because I felt kind of attracted her, I accepted, and to my surprise, Sandrine soon started being friendly to me. When Sandrine easily accepted my proposal, I realized the servant of God had already paved the way for me.

He had told Sandrine that God had revealed to him that she and I were destined to be together. Our relationship started, we loved and cherished one another. We began to plan our marriage. I introduced her to my relatives, and she introduced me to hers. We married in September 2020. She was a talented tailor, and brought home more money than me. We were a happy family.

Things soon started falling apart. Sandrine expected a different kind of life with me. When she realized she was sustaining us, and not the other way around, she started hating me. Quarrels started escalating between us. I pleaded with her to have faith in me, that things would get better with the business I was running, but she said loudly, “I never loved you! It’s just the servant of God who pleaded with me to accept you as a husband.”

These words pained me so much. Realizing Sandrine accepted me because of another person’s influence and not because of her feelings for me hurt even more. I tried reasoning with her but failed. I even decided to involve her family in the matter, thinking they could bring her to her senses, and let her stay with me, but she asked for a divorce soon after. I cried. I loved Sandrine so much. There was nothing I could do but accept the divorce she demanded. Fortunately, she is now dating another man, I heard they are planning to marry. Although I am happy for her, I still wonder if the prophecy was from God or if the prophet had made it up.

3 November, 2023