The Soldier Sacrifices his Head

By Zohal Hasin

”I am Milad, 22 years old, and today is second of February of 2020.
Today is the last day of my trainings as a soldier, tomorrow I will be graduated as a brave soldier from the academy.My main goal as a soldier is to protect my country from those people who have the wrong perception of it, from those who decided to be the enemy of my land and my people. But I wouldn’t be the enemy of them and will try to change those negative thoughts of them.”

Once he shared these feelings with me.

He spent years saving the country and helping the human beings. It’s always in front of my eyes, the moment which he was trying to calm down the little boy who was crying in the middle of suicide explosion to gain his trust and save him by doing mockery games with all possible kindness.

In that moment I only could see a beautiful smile on his face to rescue the boy without even a second of thinking of his life which was in great danger. Now Milad is married and has a 7 years old boy, but it’s time to go on a mission far from home and family. His mother with all her worries was after an alternative to make him regret from going out of town.He wore his soldier clothes and put on his boots. His son said goodbye with eyes full of tears, although he didn’t know that it was the last words with his father.Milad said his farewells to his father, mother, sister(me) and his only child back and started an eight hour journey to his chosen point.

He spent two months fighting the enemy in borders until they faced massive Taliban’s attacks and he fell hostage in their hand despite all his efforts ofsaving his friends.
Milad, who was full of stress and scared, was placed in a dark and cold room tight up with rope on chair.


He still didn’t lose hope, but it wasn’t long before the tortures of the cruel Taliban began.They broke each of his fingers with each unanswered question they asked, tortured him hard in return for every question which he denied to answer. But Milad chose patience against all those pains with all his bravery and patriotism and didn’t say a word to them.The morning of the fifth day his death news was told to his family. That moment I had a smile on my face and I was so proud of him, he preferred death instead of selling his country to the enemy.


He maybe knew what would happen to him in the end, but he proudly protected you and me at the cost of his own sweet life.



1 July, 2023