The Two Roads: Despair or Spare

By Jeanne Muhimundu

Look, the fire is burning furiously with a smothering blanket of smoke in the air.

Look, this wanton warning! The sea level rises, and we shall not rise with the sea.

Look at this hideous heatwave sweltering us, but we fall short of acting even to save ourselves.

Look at the drought; the plants fail to sprout for whom to thrive on the rock or the hard ground.


Our world is aching, gnawing, wallowing, and suffering in pain.

Our oceans are homes to perilous waste as if we feel no longer thirsty.

Our sullied sea is crying, for its life is disappearing, dying to extinction.

Our love for waste is the endgame till we bid goodbye to nature.


Today is a day to cherish the world’s faithfulness and fairness.

Today is a day to raise awareness for the earth’s welfare.

Today is a day to rise against the crisis of nature.

A day to summon the courage to act so our planet bounces back better.


On this day, I stand for my destiny, for my divine heritage—the planet, the salvation is in my hand.

On this day, I stand for the planet; I am bothered by no reward, for nature teaches me to live by its rule.

On this day, I stand up for you people, I stand up for our universe, and I stand up for biodiversity.

No mere empty word is needed; I am resolute, strong, and young from the get-go, let’s face it.


I am planting trees to renew and revive my land, my planet, for a future filled with hope and strength.

I am planting trees to restore the beauty of my land, for the rain to reign, and for the ocean to excel and shine.

I am planting trees for the recantation of the love of humankind for their nature that nurtures all that live.

I am planting trees, for I choose no despair because my action can spare the world.




12 July, 2023