The Wedding Day

By Chris Benoit

My name is Chris Benoit. I am telling a story about my friend Clara, about her wedding crash. It is important to tell her story because it inspires me and can help the entire global community to learn how to listen to oneself and follow one’s heart. This story can change someone’s life after reading it.

Clara was 21 years old. She was the only child or daughter in the family. She was born into a rich family, and her father and mother were both in their sixties. Clara loved her parents so much that she was even ready to take the person to court if he/she dare try to touch them. Clara was so pretty that every man in the city would wish to have her as a wife. She was so polite, smart, and intelligent. Clara studied until she completed a master’s degree at the University of Washington. And after finishing her studies, Clara returned to her home country.

She was always ready to help other people who were coming seeking help. I remember two incidents that made Clara help people in need. There was a man who was suffering from kidney failure and he was lacking the means that would allow him to be sent abroad for special medical attention. The man was told that he was left with few days to live. To save his life, he was told to go abroad for advanced medical treatment and also for his kidney to be replaced.  Upon hearing that, the man got shocked and said, “A man like me where will I get the money for me to travel abroad for medical treatment”? Since the man had no means to pay for his medical treatment, he was then advised by a friend to post his situation on social media so that he would get assistance from anyone who would be ready to help him. The man listened to his friend’s advice and posted his problem on one of the social media platforms.

Four days later, the man got a text from Clara that she will be ready to help him and they scheduled a meeting for the next day morning. Clara and the man met and discussed the issue and she promised to start processing the traveling document after taking all his identity details. Two weeks later, the man travelled to India for treatments. After some days, the man came back home while being recovered. After the man returned from his medical treatment he said, “Thank you so much, Clara, my daughter for saving my life. See now because of your help I am now ok and healthy, thank you once again may the almighty God bless you.” Upon hearing that, Clara was so excited and she hugged the man. On another occasion, Clara also helped sponsor a 16-year-old boy who was struggling to pay his school fees and further his studies. She sent the boy to a decent school and paid all the fees until the boy completed his studies and became a doctor. All these show how good and merciful Clara was.

At the age of 24, Clara started working and getting a good salary. She wanted to get married at the age of 30 because she always tells her friends that she prefers achieving most of her dreams before getting married. When we asked her why she wanted that she said “because when I get married and start having children, I will not have time to do all these.” And I appreciated her for having such a good plan, and we encouraged her to stick to her target.

When Clara turned 28, her parents received a call from a friend whose son went abroad to further his studies that he was back. The next day morning, Clara’s parents welcomed the parents of John who went abroad to study. They both discussed and concluded that John should marry Clara. When the parents were discussing Clara was not around because she had gone to work. When Clara came back from work, her parents told her that she needs to get married to John.

She said, “Who is John, I am not ready to get married.”

Her mother said, “John is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Bora who went abroad to study and now he is back. He wants to marry you and he is a good boy, born and raised in a rich family.”

After hearing that Clara said, “How can I marry someone that I don’t even know his behavior, whether he has good character or not?”

Clara’s mother said, “You will marry that boy whether you like it or not.” Clara cried too much and remained in her room for two days without eating or going out.

On the third day, Clara came out of her room, took bath, and ate her food. The next morning, Clara went to work as usual. When Clara came back from work, her mother continued advising her to please marry John. Clara replied, “When my heart is not pleased with something that means it will not work.” Despite that, Clara’s mother kept on pushing and advising her to accept John. Clara started visiting and dating him.

After two months, Clara was convinced to marry John. Both of them started dating and then after 6 months they did their engagement ceremony and then they planned their wedding to take in two weeks. On the wedding day morning, Clara was busy dressing up with her bride of honor in the room at her father’s house. After some time, Clara heard a sound coming from the room where the bridegroom was and wanted to go and check what was happening there. She was advised by her friend that she should not go and she should send someone to go and verify on her behalf.

Clara insisted that she wanted to go herself. She went there and upon entering the room she found her husband to be making it out with another lady.

Clara got shocked and screamed, “Men are dogs, and why me? You are the reason why I did not want to get married to you. You have betrayed me by cheating me with another woman. John, I am disappointed in you. From today do not contact me or come to my house it is over between us.”  Clara left the place in tears and her parents were both disappointed to hear that.

When I and Clara’s friend heard about the issue, we were all disappointed and said, Clara was right all along. Due to what happened the wedding was cancelled. Some days later, Clara continued with her work and promised not to engage herself in any other relationship again until she turns 30.

24 February, 2023