The Wheel

By Kiiza Mohamed Minani

Author’s Note: I am a passionate refugee writer. I take writing as a therapy because when I write about how I feel, I  feel so relieved.

The wheel keeps turning

I don’t recall the person I once was

I think i have a different name now, a “refugee”

And a new home town, a “camp”

But my soul is still the same

I always hope to find myself in a new life

Because this one, started with shreds of memories

Then dreams which faded as fast as a shooting star in colorless clouds

Hope replaced with paroxysm of fears just like turning the page in a book

The new chapter is still the same story

I ask myself, if death is meant for me?

Why do I have to pick up the sword and fight again?

While others discover a new beginning

Am still drowning in the same book of numbness and remorse

6 July, 2023