This is just a short story that I’m trying to pass.

By Mirabel

Courage is the greatest key in which one has to have. This is a true life story. There is a girl who lives somewhere in the west, she’s full with a lot of dreams & ambitions but faced a lot of challenges in order to achieve them.

Her dad was a rich businessman, she went to a private school with her siblings. They ate healthy and so on…but later in life the table turned upside down. The father’s business wasn’t going smoothly as before. Then the family decided to move to another city.

When they moved the matter became less and kind of worse. Later on, the girl and her siblings went to school but in that certain city they speak another language.

Moreover, the girl likes the school but faced discrimination and felt like an outcast. She had no friends and some of the students hated her because she looked different from them. The girl didn’t mind them instead she added a lot of effort in her education.

After school she goes to lessons where she learns the language of the city. So, one day, an opportunity came to write an exam which will acquire a certificate but in the language of the city (A2 level). Fortunately she passed the exam and was rewarded. Besides, her dad won a mind-blowing contract and the family was transformed to greater success and achievements.

In conclusion, this is a just a short story that I’m trying to pass that no matter what in life you shouldn’t give up. Instead put efforts and enjoy the end result.

17 December, 2022