Time Will Tell You Who You Are

By Muli

How wonderful and amazing it is to have a friend who you can confide in. Sammy and I grew up in Malawi. Even though we are from different nationalities, Sammy being  Congolese and me being Rwandan; we were amazing friends, we were inseparable. Our friendship was so strong that people thought we were related by blood. We used to laugh, cry, and share our dreams, aspirations, and secrets.


We attended the same school, and every time during the lunch break, we would go together to the shops near the school and buy drinks and snacks. When Sammy had no money with him, I would use my own pocket money to ensure that he had something to eat during lunch break. Many fellow students envied our friendship.


As time went by, Sammy and his family traveled to the US. We spent our last days together before his departure. He told me of how he will never forget me and that  one day he will come back to pay me a visit. Sammy left for the US, and life there was so good for him. He attended a good high school; at some point he would call me and talk of how life in the US is good. He was so excited about the good house he was living in with an air conditioner, good clothes, and eating the foods that he loved the most. Sammy was a very supportive friend, I remember when I was stressed due an exam I had, he encouraged me and even spent a lot of time guiding me and organized a mock test for me. 


I was really happy for Sammy’s new life in the US. However, as time went by, a quietness grew between Sammy and I. I was no longer receiving his calls and every time I called, he wouldn’t pick up. I questioned myself wondering what had happened, all that was coming to my mind was that maybe he was occupied with a lot of things such as school. However, I felt bad when Rodrick, a former classmate of mine, came and told me that “I talked to Sammy on the phone.”


Years passed and I would hear information about Sammy from other people. I guess Sammy blocked my phone number. People would tell me how Sammy completed his high school and started university. They would tell me that he is working while attending University. This showed me that friendship between Sammy and I had been cut off. I felt like I was the only one hanging on the relationship while my friend had ended it.


I decided to forget about Sammy and focus on my own life. I completed my studies and got enrolled in university. It took a long time, but I completed my studies and my BA in management. Sammy was long gone in my mind and I was not thinking of him. Life improved for me as I got a job. My life became sweet, working as an Operations Manager was amazing as I was getting experience and more skills in this position.


It did not take long until I heard the news of Sammy coming back to Malawi to visit. This brought back the past memories of Sammy and I, how close we were. Despite feeling offended by Sammy not caring about me or our friendship, I decided I would still go to the airport to welcome my once wonderful and amazing friend.


I remember it was in July last year, I hired a very good vehicle and went to Kamuzu International Airport with excitement to welcome my wonderful friend. Reaching  the airport I found other people I don’t know of waiting for him at the airport. It was so amusing to see that while in the US, Sammy had made new friends.


When it was around 1 p.m Sammy arrived, I was so happy to hug my long-time friend and share stories that we had not shared for years. But to my surprise Sammy came greeting his new friends with excitement, when it was my turn to greet him, I opened my hands to hug him but to my dismay he just shook my hand for less than five seconds and went to attend his new friends. I felt very bad and very humiliated. I left the airport blaming myself for going to the airport to welcome Sammy who didn’t care about me anymore. I vowed to myself to never care for a friend who does not care about me again!

26 August, 2023