By Kiiza Mohamed Minani

My life is a moonless night
Over a vessel of shame
Fear caresses my heart
Every time I think about who I am
Because I know they won’t accept me
I am tired of hiding and running
I am ashamed every single time I want to talk about myself
I really do not know how they will react when they realize
I am not who they think I am
Because I have been living a lie
Pretending to be someone I am not
They talk so negatively about people like us
As if we are not created by the same God who created them
Rich or poor
Straight or not straight
We are all equal
I have been trying to find ways to say this to the world
It’s very hard to be open about myself
Because of the stigma and discrimination people like us face
When I wake up and see the blue
In the sky, I feel alive
I was hopeful that a day like this would come
To embrace the truth and speak out
And come out of the prison of shame
Today I want the world
To know that I am bisexual
This is who I am and I am proud of who I am

30 January, 2023